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The Amazing, Astonishing Magical Journey of an Artfully Painted Lady

Illustrated by Phyllis Saroff, By Mary Lee Corlett


52 Pages, 10.08 x 9.95

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $25.00 (US $25.00) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: November 2011

ISBN 9781593730840

Rights: WOR

Bunker Hill Publishing Inc (Nov 2011)


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Price: $25.00


Featuring the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, Belle is an enthralling adventure through three hundred years of art! Belle, a painted butterfly, has been quietly hovering over a beautiful white poppy in a seventeenth-century Dutch painting that has been her home for three hundred years.  Suddenly and unexpectedly there is a sudden whoosh of air and she finds herself flying out of her picture into the void  So begins the adventures of Belle, the red admiral butterfly in Jan Davidsz de Heem's Vase of Flowers.  Accidentally dislodged, when her painting was being taken by museum staff to be examined by the Conservation Department, Belle and her sidekick Brimstone, a fellow butterfly who was ejected from the painting at the same time, must find their way back home.    When their painting rolls into an elevator without them, their journey through the art museum begins.  Because they are made of paint, they discover that they can blend into any of the other paintings in the museum, no matter what the subject or period.  The characters travel through the museum galleries, morphing into and out of paintings by multiple artists and in many styles, while searching for their home painting. At the same time they must avoid becoming lunch for a painted bird in hot pursuit after being inadvertently released from another painting by an awkward bump from Brimstone!   Belle and Brimstone tell their story as it happens with all the scary encounters and comic incidents that have them hiding out in unlikely places in the paintings they encounter. They dash and dart as the predatory bird flies after them, chasing them from room to room. Successful and safe in the end Brimstone is up for more adventures. Belle is not so sure! Maybe it will be safer if they stay put in their painting from now on. Can you find them?  While the story is an adventure story written for young readers it will also enchant younger listeners. Featuring the collection of the National Gallery of Art, this tale is a fanciful romp through three hundred years of art history, inviting young people to delve into the world of art through the paintings of de Heem, Vermeer, Chardin, Goya, Rembrandt, Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun, Mary Cassatt, Renoir, Monet, Tissot, Picasso, Derain, Marc, Matisse, Georgia O'keeffe, Rothko, Pollock, Lichtenstein and many others. As an added bonus Belle has taken the trouble to create Belle's Amazing, Astonishingly Magical Journal and illustrated it with her comments on each painting and ideas on where to hide when being chased! Let Belle and Brimstone be your guides and docents and mind out for that Bird!    Mary Lee Corlett, an art historian and research associate at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., owes her love of art to her father, whose mechanical drawings and plans always seemed magical to her as a child, and to an inspired teacher who introduced her to the wonderful ideas and concepts that underlie all great art. As a child she drew and painted but later when, thinking she would like to teach art, she enrolled in college and attended studio art classes and studied education, she discovered that the art history classes were more exciting than her own studio work. Her first job after collecting her BA was as a teaching assistant in the Education department at the Cleveland Museum of Art, doing art projects in Mini-Masters classes of 4-5 year olds. She then moved to Washington and worked at the National Portrait Gallery before assuming her current position. She still draws and paints but her daughter has forsaken paint brush and easel for flute and music stand. They still visit the galleries together and walk through all the amazing, astonishing and magical rooms full of wonderful paintings and sculptures just to check that Belle and Brimstone are safe and sound!   Phyllis Saroff is a professional artist who can't remember when she didn't draw pictures. Inspired in First Grade by an older girl drawing pictures f

Author Biography

Phyllis Saroff is an artist whose work has appeared in books and magazines and her paintings of wildlife are used in outdoor displays in wildlife management areas across the country. She lives in Annapolis, MD. Mary Lee Corlett is an art historian and a research associate at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. She lives with her husband and daughter in Falls Church, VA.