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Behind Sacred Walls
Behind Sacred Walls

Behind Sacred Walls

The True Story of My Abuse by Catholic Priests



350 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $21.95 (US $21.95) (CA $29.95)

Publication Date: December 2021

ISBN 9781950091539

Rights: WOR

Addicus Books (Dec 2021)


eBook Editions Available

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Price: $21.95


In Behind Sacred Walls, Michael Roberts reveals how he recovered from abuse and how he spent years seeking justice from the church

A Compelling Story of Abuse by PriestsWhen the Roberts’ favorite priest, Father Gregory, started inviting himself to the family dinner table every week, they were delighted to oblige. When the priest began inviting their teenaged son, Michael, on day trips, they were even more pleased to see their son developing a close friendship with their beloved priest. What the family did not know was that Father Gregory was grooming Michael for what would become years of abuse.In Behind Sacred Walls, Michael Roberts describes how he fell under the control of the priest who abused him verbally, emotionally, and sexually. A master manipulator preying on the teen’s trust, Father Gregory told him it was God’s will that that he satisfy the priest’s human needs. Even though Michael was riddled with shame and guilt, he saw no way out of the continuing abuse. Most of all, he feared the pain it would cause his parents if they found out.Eventually able to extricate himself from his abuser, Michael Roberts now describes how he broke away from the priest’s control and sought justice, only to face years of frustration with the Catholic Church and its endless red tape.A Story You Won’t Forget!

Author Biography

Michael Roberts graduated with a bachelor's degree in biological science. He has worked as an environmental technician, performing sampling, data collection, and monitoring soil and water in contaminated waste sites. Roberts has also worked in as a sales and marketing manager for several biotech companies.