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Behavioural Problems in Rabbits
Behavioural Problems in Rabbits

Behavioural Problems in Rabbits

A Clinical Approach


248 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $60.00 (US $60.00) (CA $81.00)

Publication Date: December 2018

ISBN 9781789180121

Rights: US & CA

5m Publishing (Dec 2018)

Price: $60.00


Behavioural Problems in Rabbits: A Clinical Approach by rabbit behavioural expert Guen Bradbury, gives you the tools you need to address any unwanted behaviour in a rabbit under your care. 

Whether you are an owner, a veterinary surgeon or nurse, or if you rehome rabbits, this book will help you: 
  • Understand what influences rabbit behaviour
  • Diagnose the cause of a specific problem behaviour
  • Learn the principles of modifying rabbit behaviour
  • Construct an achievable plan to change a specific behaviour
  • Review and refine the behaviour modification plan as needed