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Becoming a God Magnet Study & Discussion Guide
Becoming a God Magnet Study & Discussion Guide

Becoming a God Magnet Study & Discussion Guide

The Secret to Sharing Your Faith


69 Pages, 6.21 x 9.0

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $9.99 (US $9.99) (CA $13.95)

Publication Date: November 2007

ISBN 9780978742805

Rights: WOR

Believe Books, LLC (Nov 2007)

Price: $9.99


This is the Study and Discussion Guide to "Becoming A God Magnet", the recently published book by Harvey Katz. Katz’s book, which has received very positive reviews, is a practical guide to evangelism. Filled with personal stories and principles of how to share the Gospel with others, in his book author Harvey Katz describes his own journey of discovery as a Jew to find his purpose and meaning in life through Jesus Christ. If you've ever felt your heart pound as you opened your mouth to share your faith...This book and study guide are for you!! The secret is becoming a god magnet – living a life that genuinely draws a hurting world to Jesus. The Study & Discussion Guide is meant to be used by groups where a leader oversees the discussion (leader’s material in back of study guide) with each member of the group having their own guidebook or alternatively, by individuals for personal study. The materials (book and study guide) are ideal for churches desiring to reach out to the lost by guiding their own members in methods and tools of personal evangelism. Principles of faith-sharing include: Do your part and leave the rest to God; Speak to people’s hearts; Build real relationships with those you want to reach; Pray for people; Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you; Respect people’s boundaries and read their spiritual barometers; Be of Godly character; Don’t make assumptions; Don’t let criticism distract you; Build relationships; Don’t be afraid to discuss death; Share your personal testimony. Each person is uniquely designed by God to express His life message to others. This study guide helps the reader discover—through practical tools of personal evangelism—how every believer can be used by God to reach the lost.

Author Biography

Harvey Katz is the son of a Holocaust survivor. His father sent him to a Jewish day school when he was young, to learn the culture, customs and religion of his people. Yet at the age of 16, Harvey found himself inexorably drawn to Jesus. Today he is a successful businessman and popular Bible teacher living in London, Ontario with his wife, Diane, and their three children. Their home has become a haven where many people seeking a deeper purpose and meaning in life have found faith in God.