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Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole
Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole

Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole

Throw Off the Façade of Perfection. Capture the Strength of Growing in Grit, Grace, Hope, and Love.


304 Pages, 6.0 x 9.0

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $26.00 (US $26.00) (CA $32.99)

Publication Date: September 2019

ISBN 9781733918701

Rights: WOR

Printopya (Sep 2019)

Price: $26.00


It's time to awaken the awe inside you.Here. Now. Us. This is where the great wonder resides. Love, or the absence of it, is at the core of everything.You are a formidable force, for every day you choose to act out of love or fear; out of resurgence or exhaustion; out of mercy or insecurity. At times we suffer from an epidemic of empty—amassing stuff, posting perfection, weary, fighting snide skeptics who contend we aren't enough. Sometimes the negative voices are an inside job. It's time to SHUSH the noise from the knuckleheads and nonsense we let in.Through a captivating collection of moving, funny, and reassuring essays, Sarah Crossman Sullivan shows us how to vibrantly revive. This employment lawyer and former prosecutor boldly shares how love is our call for life. As an attorney, corporate consultant, entrepreneur, special education expert, and mom of four, she reveals how your team is whomever is right in front of you. Barista, board member, or baby—opportunity awaits to astoundingly alight life.Like a warrior ahead and a big sister alongside, Sarah Crossman Sullivan ignites every one of us who has at some point felt the light within dwindle and dim. This daughter of a civil rights champion brings authentic assurance of all that is astoundingly possible.She unlocks our courage, teaches us how to build bridges and overcome, and demonstrates love's revolutionary power in the ordinary, absurd, and profound.


"Sarah is powerful light and force in this world. She is a smart, compassionate thought-leader who attentively listens before solving. Reading her words or having her in your conference room is knowing a peace and confidence of all the good to come. Dive-in to this deeply significant book and you will discover how grit, grace, hope, and love will lead you to your phenomenal whole life." — Glen Jackson, co-Founder, Jackson Spalding, author of Preeminence

"This wonderful book resonates on a global scale. Sarah's words are innovative and impactful. She writes as she speaks offering wisdom, laughter, and hope. Elegant and urgent, profound and radical, Sarah's insights are essential for growing wonderful communities, companies, and homes." — Carolina Escobar, Journalist, News Host "Tu Mañana" and "Canal 24 Horas," TVN (National Television)

"A former prosecutor who persists in seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly, Sarah Crossman Sullivan draws on her experience as an attorney, CEO, performance coach, parent, and special education advocate to help all of us find joy and meaning in our interconnected lives. 'Love is the catalyst for building a whole life.' This is a powerful truth we all too often fail to see. Sarah's illumination brings restoration and reminds us that with a lens on the needs of others, we find our true perspective." — Rachelle Carnesale

"Sarah Crossman Sullivan takes her unique ability to weave stories with practical wisdom and brings readers on a captivating, resonating path. She is a powerful force for good—a superhero with bold energy and empathy. Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole will greatly benefit your mind, body, and spirit. Athletes, actors, anchors, and more—this is your fantastic kickstart!" — Diego Bustos, Executive Producer, Speaker. BE Mass Media Productions. Host of "FIAFormulaE"

"In an era of persistent political strife and social media stress, Sarah offers the perfect shush to the negative external and internal noise. She knows these truths: kindness is never weakness; cruelty is never toughness; and serving others leads to great joy. More importantly, she lives out these truths. Gratitude overflows for this delightful author and her exceptional book. She is somebody you want and need in your huddle!" — Bill Curry, Two-time Super Bowl and Pro Bowl Champion, NCAA Coach of the Year, ESPN commentator, author of Ten Men You Meet In the Huddle, and motivational speaker

"No matter your background, Sarah Crossman Sullivan makes you want to shout a resounding, 'Amen!' She has exceptionally coined the phrase, 'the epidemic of empty,' and offers refreshing exploration for how grit, grace, hope, and love heal this wide-spread wound. Whatever you are facing, whatever mountain you want to summit, Sarah is the catalyst to spur you on to the pinnacle prize. A 'Wow!'—'five-star'—'top of your bedside table' treasure for every reader. A must read and a book you will re-read!" — Jaye Watson, Multiple Emmy Award-winning and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning journalist, executive producer, and host of PBS' "Your Brilliant Mind"

"It's been our privilege and pleasure to hear Sarah teach and read her impactful words. She understands how teamwork, trust, and grit win championships on fields and in every aspect of life. She is masterful at engaging people with unique insights on topics we might think we know well. Thankfully Sarah reminds us of ways to conquer barriers and wonderfully rise." — Dan Reeves, former NFL head coach of the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos, sports analyst and commentator, and motivational speaker

"The title of this book—Beautifully Broken & Astoundingly Whole—may represent our lives. It may represent our selves. But what's particularly BEAUTIFUL is that Sarah reminds us that we are not *either* broken or whole, but broken AND whole. You'll be immediately moved to take that broken whole-ness and join the beautiful adventure of your life, an adventure for which she reminds us that we don't have to WAIT—that we need only open our eyes, put out our hands, and grab it with a strength that we may have forgotten that we have. Game ON." — Dr. Darria Long, regular on "The Dr. Oz Show" and CNN, author of national bestselling book, Mom Hacks

Author Biography

Sarah Crossman Sullivan, JD, is a successful attorney-counselor-advocate, writer, speaker, and corporate consultant. She revitalizes individual and corporate performance by awakening love-driven leadership. She has spent more than 20 years serving as an employment lawyer, Assistant District Attorney, chief corporate counsel, entrepreneur, and special education expert. Featured on a variety of major news outlets, she is an in-demand speaker, known for her dynamic, invigorating style and humble, funny, relatable stories on life—from work to friendships to parenting and marriage. She helps people conquer dreams while embracing the mess, mundane, and marvelous. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.