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A True History



44 Pages, 9.5 x 11.75

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book

Hardcover Picture Book, $22.99 (US $22.99) (CA $30.99)

Publication Date: June 2020

ISBN 9780648568407

Rights: US & CA

Melbournestyle Books (Jun 2020)

Price: $22.99


What happens when the truth gets lost? Where wild animals and people meet, tragedy can strike, But when a tiny baby is stolen by a dingo, people simply cannot accept such a thing. Prejudice and gossip grip the nation, and the tragedy transforms into a fight for the truth. How did it all go so wrong? This is a true Australian story of innocence, ignorance, and the perils of 'mob thinking'.A beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book that sensitively explores the collision of wilderness and civilisation, explains a famous miscarriage of justice, and examines the role of the media in history-telling, in an appropriate manner for young readers.“An important story for children about one of Australia’s most dramatic miscarriages of justice.” —The Hon. Justice Lex Lasry, AM“A modern day fairy tale, cautionary and unforgettable. Essential reading for students of history and the law, young and old.”The book forms an excellent cross-curricular resource, ideal for class discussion and activity. Teachers’ Notes & Resources, with further extensive resource material available online.

Author Biography

Maree Coote is a writer, designer, illustrator and photographer. She is the author of two gold award winning histories, 'The Melbourne Book' and 'The Art of Being Melbourne', and is author/illustrator of a dozen children's books, including the Bologna Ragazzi Special Mention 2017 Award-winning 'Spellbound’, and the Nami Concours Illustration Distinction Prize. Her graphic work for children is focused on the typographic illustrations (Letter Art) she has developed in her recent books. Coote also writes about Australian and Melbourne history for adults and for children.