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Avoid Them Like the Plague
Avoid Them Like the Plague

Avoid Them Like the Plague

A Book of Clichés


192 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $10.95 (US $10.95) (CA $14.95)

Publication Date: October 2017

ISBN 9781782434283

Rights: US & CA

Michael O'Mara Books (Oct 2017)
Michael O'Mara

Price: $10.95


With all the bells and whistles, this intriguing guide to all those everyday phrases really is the bee's knees for anyone with a love of the English language

Let's cut to the chase: clichés are a familiar part of the English language, but to be honest, many have been so over-used that they have become trite, meaningless, and rather irritating. With this informative and humorous book, you are in a safe pair of hands as you learn about the origins and meanings of some of the most hackneyed phrases still used today. Avoid Them Like the Plague will keep you up to speed with clichés in their many forms—once useful but now overworked catchphrases ("move the goal posts"), worn-out sayings ("all hands on deck"), pointless phrases used to conceal a weak argument ("to be perfectly honest"), technical terms used out of context ("collateral damage"), and many others.


"They're the everyday phrases that we all love to hate – and all love to use. Author Nigel Fountain cuts to the chase and tells us what they really mean." —Mail on Sunday

"Guides the reader through the origins, histories and meanings of clichés in every form." —The Oldie

Author Biography

Nigel Fountain is the author of The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread and World War II: The People's Story.