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Antony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg
Antony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg

Antony Gormley: Horizon Field Hamburg


192 Pages, 4.92 x 7.09

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: June 2012

ISBN 9783864420122

Rights: US & CA

Snoeck Publishing Company (Jun 2012)

Price: $24.95


That's groovy!British artist Antony Gormley has developed a spectacular new installation especially for the large Deichtorhalle: »Horizon Field Hamburg«, which will be on view during the documenta. The visitors will enter the north hall of the Deichtorhallen to be confronted by a space that is ­almost 2,500 sqm in size, nearly 19 m high, and ­virtually empty. In this open space a vast, black, reflective structure will float nearly seven and a half meters above the floor. »Horizon Field Hamburg« will provoke an experience of re-orientation and re-connection with walking, feel­ing, hearing and seeing. Individual and group experience will be medi­ated through vibra­tion, sound and reflection. The entire project could be seen as a horizontal painting stretched taut in space, on which the visitor be­comes a figure in a free ­floating, undefined ground.Exhibition: Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 27/4-9/9/2012

Author Biography

Antony Gormley, born 1950, is a British sculptor, who's spectacular sculptures made him worldwide known. Horizon Field, the work he realized at Deichtorhallen Hamburg was certainly one of the biggest sculptures. Since 2007, for the first time in London, he creates with the Event Horizon a multi-part site installation, which was on view around Madison Square in New York City 2010, in Sao Paulo 2012, Brazil, and in Hong Kong in 2015–16.