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Animal Language
Animal Language

Animal Language

How to Understand Your Pet


156 Pages

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $6.99 (US $6.99) (CA $6.99)

Publication Date: February 2019

ISBN 9780883918340

Rights: WOR

Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc. (Feb 2019)


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If you do not already have a pet, or if you are thinking of getting another, Animal Language helps you to anticipate what the animal you select is going to be like, as an individual, and how best to train and care for it. Just as certain people get along and others don't, so certain people are better suited for one type of pet than another. This book gives you valuable tips for choosing the particular dog, cat, or horse which best suites your temperament and lifestyle. You will learn which breed - and which individual within the breed - will bring you the most happiness, and will best fit your desire for companionship, protection, or showmanship. By learning how to interpret your dog's wistful gaze, your cat's rapidly twitching tail, or your horse's pinned ears, you will develop a special communication with your animal that will enable you to be aware of subtle mood changes. Your pet will respond to your increased sensitivity and the two of you will develop a stronger and more rewarding relationship. 

Author Biography

Mr. Whiteside is President of The Interstate College of Personology and haas his teacher certificate from that institution. Born in California, he was a successful newspaperman when he heard a speaker from the Personolgy Foundation, Edward W. Jones. Intrigued by the natual approach to intrinsic abilities outlined by the speaker, he returned to college to obtain his degree and receive special training for research. With the knowledge he gained, he headed a research team that statistically validated 68 strucural/functional relationships in the human being. Mr. Whiteside has since traveled extensively throughout the U.S. in connection with The Interstate College of Personology and is probably the leading figure in his field.