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Ancestors in the Artic
Ancestors in the Artic

Ancestors in the Artic

A Photographic History of Dundee Whaling


160 Pages, 11.5 x 8

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $23.95 (US $23.95) (CA $37.95)

Publication Date: November 2013

ISBN 9781845027155

Rights: US & CA

Black & White Publishing (Nov 2013)

Price: $23.95


For over 160 years, Dundee sent ships to the Arctic to hunt the whales. It was a brutal, dangerous business, but one which was vital to the economy of the city. As well as providing baleen or whalebone, the whaling ships brought home skins for the leather industry and oil that was essential for the scores of mills and factories. Ships built in Dundee became famous as possibly the best vessels for polar exploration of their time, and Dundee seamen were sought for their experience and skill. The McManus Museum in Dundee holds a whaling collection that is recognized as being of national importance. One of the most significant parts of the collection is the images of whaling ships, whaling men, and the Inuit of the Arctic. This book shows some of the most evocative images, together with explanatory text. There is also a brief introduction that explains the importance of the collection and the whaling industry to Dundee.

Author Biography

Malcolm Archibald has had a variety of occupations from postman to college lecturer. He is the author of Scottish Battles; Mother Law, which was a runner up at the inaugural Dundee Book Prize; Whales for the Wizard, which won the Dundee Book Prize; and The Darkest Walk, which was a winner in the People's Book Prize.