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An Introduction to the History of Architecture, Art & Design
An Introduction to the History of Architecture, Art & Design

An Introduction to the History of Architecture, Art & Design


321 Pages, 7.87 x 9.96

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $27.90 (US $27.90) (CA $52.99)

Publication Date: June 2022

ISBN 9789675492242

Rights: US & CA

Sunway University Press (Jun 2022)

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Chronicling the times in which major works of architecture, art, and design were created, this compact book includes features and images of major artworks from each art and design period.Architecture, art, and design have shaped the world in which we live and are representative of the eras in which they were made. With vivid photographs of art, readers of this book will get a good understanding of the evolution of architecture, art, and design, starting from the earliest periods of ancient civilisations to that of early 21st century.From ancient monuments to whistling kettles, from Renaissance masters to graffiti artists, and from the Colosseum to the Beijing Bird's Nest, the best examples from each period are illustrated together with their famous creators, alongside timelines that track the evolution of the artistic disciplines throughout history. All this information is presented in a clear and accessible way. This book is suitable for students and the interested general public.

Author Biography

George T. Gray has a wealth of professional experience in art and design consultancy and teaching at higher education institutions. He currently teaches History of Southeast Asian Architecture at School of Arts, Sunway University.