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An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Abe and Old Bob
An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Abe and Old Bob

An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Abe and Old Bob

By Trudy Krisher, Illustrated by Bert Dodson


32 Pages, 7.24 x 10.38

Formats: Cloth, EPUB

Cloth, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $24.00)

Publication Date: April 2015

ISBN 9781593731557

Rights: WOR

Bunker Hill Publishing Inc (Apr 2015)


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Price: $17.95


Old Bob was old Abe's horse and he was loyal and the manes of both horse and master blew haphazardly this way and that as their way across the prairies long before Old Abe became the most important President America ever had. Old Bob took his master over barely passable trails, across almost unfordable rivers, through endless reaches of tall grass and heavy rain  which obscured any view, as Abraham Lincoln rode the circuit of his law practice often for months at a time.  Their temperaments matched strong, calm, dependable and intelligent. Old bob was there when they voted Old Abe into the presidency of the United States of America. Old Abe was there in the parade to celebrate the Union victory covered in that special red white and blue blanket covered in tiny Union flags. Tragically he was there too as the nation mourned their assassinated President walking in a place of honor behind the hearse as Abraham Lincoln was borne through the streets of Springfield to the beat of muffled drums to be buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery.   Old Bob and Old Abe is a story of companionship and honor, of a man who loved animals and men, and treated both with respect and dignity in a time in American History when Freedom was won.


An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Bob and Old Abe is a children's picturebook about President Abraham Lincoln, who presided during the Civil War and oversaw the end of legal slavery in America. But it is also about Abraham Lincoln as a person, known for his kindness toward animals and humans alike. Along with the more well-known stories of such as how Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and the tragedy of his assassination, are little-known true tales of Lincoln's boyhood and adulthood. For example, when Lincoln was a child he had a beloved pet pig that he trained to play hide-and-seek, only to be horrified on the day when his father butchered it for food. Young Lincoln also stopped a group of boys from tormenting a turtle, and wrote an essay against animal cruelty. Lincoln's relationship with his faithful horse "Old Bob" is a recurring story theme. Lincoln even started the presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey, when his young son befriended the fowl that was originally destined to become Thanksgiving dinner for the White House. An Affectionate Farewell contains a fair amount of text, and is ideal for young readers who are just about ready to transition from picturebooks to chapter books. Enlightening, educational, and portraying a strong moral message through both the smallest and the most momentous deeds of a great man, An Affectionate Farewell is enthusiastically recommended for public and school library collections. - - Midwest Book Review

Author Biography

Trudy Krisher is a retired liberal arts professor and an award winning children's author. Her books include Kathy's Hats: A Story of Hope and Spite Fences. Her awards include the International Reading Association's Best Young Adult Novel Award.She lives in Dayton OH Bert Dodson is the author and illustrator of the best-selling learn-to-draw classic Keys to Drawing as well as the illustrator of over 80 children's books including a previous one with Willem Lang. He has also co-written The Way Life Works with noted biologist Mahlon Hoagland. He lives in Bradford, Vermont. .