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Amphora leverages the technology IPG has developed in the past decade to efficiently support large content holders who require infrastructure, both digital and physical, to the global book trade.

A-la-carte, customized solutions:

  • Branded client dashboard for title submission and reporting
  • Order processing using IPG customer terms and EDI systems
  • Metadata & content storage and delivery
  • IPG's integrated print facility and digital printer network
  • eBook conversion and distribution
  • Selective access to higher levels of distribution
  • Selective access to COOP and marketing programs through IPG

What Does Amphora Mean for Publishers?

The Best of Both Worlds:

IPG is committed to its core business of providing comprehensive distribution services to high-quality independent publishers, and that focus on service, consultation, and partnership will never change. By adding the Amphora program, IPG will increade the investment in technology, ensure its place as a top-20 seller of books, and reduce costs in manufacturing and warehousing by adding volume. The IPG slaes & marketing teams are completely separate from the Amphora staff, which will have zero impact on the traditional distribution programs that have built IPG's reputation. 

A Long-term Vision:

IPG is investing in the future and maintaining its independence during a time when consolidation, bankruptcy, and low margins are plaguing competitors. With no external investors, IPG is free to plan for the long term, and that vision requres strength in digital innovation, efficiency from technology, and growth from new services and programs. All the while maintaining a stellar reputation for service and quality. 

To learn more, contact: Rick Geerling at

Notable Clients: 

If you are interested in applying for distribution with IPG, please view our publisher contact information or send us a message and we will contact you shortly.

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