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Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations
Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations

Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations

Edited by Rolf A. Lundin, Edited by Markus Hallgren


284 Pages, 6.75 x 9.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $55.00 (US $55.00)

Publication Date: January 2014

ISBN 9788763002486

Rights: US & CA

Copenhagen Business School Press (Jan 2014)

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This book explores the progress and potential the relationship between project management and modern organizations. It includes research that aims toward developing theories for project management from organizational theory or toward developing project-founded theory. Making this distinction is hard but rewarding work. Examples illustrate the depth and width of current research. *** "Project management as a field is sometimes characterized by prescriptive analysis often founded on little deep research. This book is different - drawing on some of the most interesting contributors to the field, it should be read by anyone interested in seeing projects as a social accomplishment in which people, rather than systems, have the most pertinent role." -- Stewart Clegg, Professor, U. of Technology Sydney *** "Advancing Research on Projects and Temporary Organizations provides an excellent overview of what is "hot" in the field. It is an interesting read for everyone who works in or manages projects or other kinds of temporary organization." -- Jorg Sydow, Professor of Management, Freie U., Berlin *** "This book deals with complexities that are to be found in contemporary Literature on projects and temporary organizations. As such it provides the reader with the advances one finds in the literature on the topic. It is a must read for anyone, academic or practitioner alike, that is interested in learning about, and using, projects or other forms of temporary organizations. The book brings to light the importance of understanding projects as social process that cannot be understood in isolation." -- Rodney Turner, Professor, Kingston Business School, London