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322 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Mobipocket, EPUB, Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $22.00 (US $22.00)

Publication Date: June 2018

ISBN 9781928088561

Rights: US

Wolsak and Wynn Publishers Ltd (Jun 2018)


eBook Editions Available

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Price: $22.00


Today is a new day but yesterday was the same day. A man awakens with no memory in a strange, rundown institution. Struggling to make sense of his surroundings, he begins to piece together the story of his life from clues someone has left for him—drawings that line the walls of his room and fragments of letters hidden in the lining of his jacket. When he leaves his room to venture into the surrounding Compound, he encounters a group of oddly familiar people that urge him to undertake a desperate mission. In dreamlike prose, award-winning novelist Rabindranath Maharaj weaves a story of fragments in which our narrator comes to believe he was once a comic book writer who warned against humanity's reliance on artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, his caretakers try to convince him he's insane. Soon he uncovers more clues that suggest memory is stored outside the body, and he learns of Adjacentland, a primitive land of outsiders where human imagination still survives. Together with a motley group of inmates from the Compound, he decides he must make his way there. In this brilliant, unsettling novel, Maharaj asks us, "What happens to the soul when all minds are tied together?"


"The language has a charming, natural ease, casually dropping articles and prepositions in a colloquial rhythm and delivering comic punchlines with dry, understated effect. But it is also a novel with deeper layers. At heart it is a rich exploration of the immigrant psychodrama of attraction and repulsion, welcome and paranoia, perception and misunderstanding." — Toronto Star on The Amazing Absorbing Boy "Maharaj never gives the feeling that he is crafting picturesque semi-comic figures merely to add colour to his narrative. These figures are both too enigmatic and too vivid for that. Samuel's first-person narrative itself produces an air of unreality in which the eccentrics fit right in." — National Post on The Amazing Absorbing Boy

Author Biography

Rabindranath Maharaj is the award-winning author of three short story collections and five novels, including The Amazing Absorbing Boy, which won the 2010 Trillium Book Award and the 2011 Toronto Book Award, and was voted a CBC Canada Reads Top 10 for Ontario. In 2012, Maharaj received a Lifetime Literary Award, administered by the National Library and Information System Authority as part of the commemoration of Trinidad's fiftieth independence anniversary. In 2013, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which honors significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.