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Adios Muchachos
Adios Muchachos

Adios Muchachos


236 Pages, 4.75 x 7.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $23.95)

Publication Date: January 2009

ISBN 9789591019509

Rights: US & CA

Corporativo V y T (Jan 2009)
Letras Cubanas

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The new edition of this entertaining novel is a masterpiece which mixes sex, humor, intrigue, different personalities, death, and money. This work by Daniel Chavarria won the Edgar Allan Poe Prize from the Writers of Mystery of America.La nueva edición de esta novela de entretenimiento cuenta con una obra maestra, que mezcla sexo, humor, intriga, mezcla de personalidades, la muerte y el dinero. Este trabajo Daniel Chavarría`s ganó el Premio de Edgar Allan Poe de los Escritores de Misterio de América.

Author Biography

Daniel Chavarria considers himself a Cuban writer born in Uruguay. He has lived in Cuba since 1969 and arrived after redirecting a small plane in Bogota, fleeing from the Administrative Department of Security. He fervently supports the Cuban Revolution.