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Academic & Professional Catalog

Released monthly, our Academic & Professional catalog includes some of the world's most respected scholarly presses, with titles appropriate to upper-level college courses and to retailers and libraries serving readers with serious intellectual interests.

Featured Academic Titles

AI May 2022

Communicate, Lead, and Transform
Communicate, Lead, and Transform >
By Eddie Merla, By William J. Murray
Price 44.95
Helping With Inquiries
Helping With Inquiries >
By Louis Jacobs
Price 34.95
Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve
Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve >
By Dannie Abse
Price 15.00
The Sawdust House
The Sawdust House >
By David Whish-Wilson
Price 19.95
The Mystic Masseur's Wife
The Mystic Masseur's Wife >
By J.Vijay Maharaj
Price 18.95
The Dark Philosophers
The Dark Philosophers >
By Gwyn Thomas
Price 15.00
Sneaky Little Revolutions
Sneaky Little Revolutions >
Edited by Nadia Wheatley, By Charmian Clift
Price 34.99
The Lascaux Notebooks
The Lascaux Notebooks >
Translated by Philip Terry, By Jean-Luc Champerret
Price 26.99
PN Review 264
PN Review 264 >
Edited by John McAuliffe, Edited by Andrew Latimer, Edited by Michael Schmidt
Price 13.99
UnHistory >
By John Kinsella, By Kwame Dawes
Price 29.95
Bordering on Miraculous
Bordering on Miraculous >
By Saskia Leek, By Lynley Edmeades
Price 35.00
As If To Sing
As If To Sing >
By Paul Henry
Price 14.99
Book of Days
Book of Days >
By Phoebe Power
Price 16.99
Homelands >
By Eric Ngalle Charles
Price 14.99
The Pistils
The Pistils >
By Janet Charman
Price 18.00
Learning Disability Nursing
Learning Disability Nursing >
By Ruth Northway, By Paula Hopes
Price 38.00
The Lewisian
The Lewisian >
By Park Graham
Price 45.00
Guided Relaxation
Guided Relaxation >
By Katie Brown
Price 27.00
2022 OB/GYN Coding Manual
2022 OB/GYN Coding Manual >
By American College of Obstetrici ACOG
Price 155.00
Re-Imagining Sleswig
Re-Imagining Sleswig >
By Ruairidh Thomas Tarvet
Price 41.00
The Chapters of Mary and Ta Ha
The Chapters of Mary and Ta Ha >
Translated by Mohamed Fouad Aresmouk, By Ahmad ibn 'Ajiba, Translated by Michael Abdurrahman Fitzgerald
Price 24.95
O Humankind: Surah Ya-Sin
O Humankind: Surah Ya-Sin >
By Cemalnur Sargut, Translated by Victoria Rowe Holbrook
Price 29.95
Anzac Nations
Anzac Nations >
By Rowan Light
Price 35.00
William Ellis
William Ellis >
By Malcolm Thick
Price 33.95
Waterford's Maritime World
Waterford's Maritime World >
By John Mannion
Price 60.00
Dismal Diplomacy, Disposable Sovereignty
Dismal Diplomacy, Disposable Sovereignty >
By Carrillo Gantner
Price 19.95
Killing Sophia
Killing Sophia >
By Thomas Telving
Price 20.00