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Academic & Scientific Publishers

Academic & Scientific Publishers

ASP specializes in academic, scientific, informative and educational publications in a broad spectre of research domains for a broad audience of readers.
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A Decision Support System for Intermodal Transport Policy
A Decision Support System for Intermodal Transport Policy >
By C. Macharis, By E. Pekin, By A. Caris, By B. Jourquin

ISBN 9789054875260

Price 27.00

Trade Paper

Age >
Edited by Goedele Nuyttens, Edited by Marleen Wynants

ISBN 9789057185076

Price 55.00

Trade Paper

Amor Technologiae
Amor Technologiae >
By Yoni Van Den Eede

ISBN 9789057181870

Price 65.00

Trade Paper

Belgian Courts-Martial
Belgian Courts-Martial >
By Stanislas Horvat

ISBN 9789057188305

Price 39.95

Trade Paper

Belgium Beyond Expectations
Belgium Beyond Expectations >
By Moniek Bucquoye, By Rika Devos

ISBN 9789054877684

Price 48.95


Best-Practice Framework for Developing and Implementing e-Government
Best-Practice Framework for Developing and Implementing e-Government >
By Abdelbaset Rabaiah, Edited by Prof. Dr. Eddy Vandijck, Edited by Prof. Dr. Farouk Musa

ISBN 9789054870005

Price 44.00

Trade Paper

Beyond the Frame
Beyond the Frame >
By Dominique Bauer

ISBN 9789057184833

Price 34.99

Trade Paper

Bridges Over Troubled Waters
Bridges Over Troubled Waters >
Edited by Marleen Wynants, Edited by Goedele Nuyttens, Foreword by Riccardo Petrella

ISBN 9789070289287

Price 35.95

Trade Paper

Brussels and Europe, Bruxelles et l'Europe
Brussels and Europe, Bruxelles et l'Europe >
Edited by Roel De Groof

ISBN 9789054875291

Price 54.00

Trade Paper

Chasing the Flowers
Chasing the Flowers >
By Christel De Maeyer

ISBN 9789057188626

Price 24.95

Trade Paper

Comparing Crime Data in Europe
Comparing Crime Data in Europe >
Edited by Philippe Robert

ISBN 9789054875895

Price 28.00

Trade Paper

Container Shipping Services and Their Impact on Container Port Competetiveness
Container Shipping Services and Their Impact on Container Port Competetiveness >
By Wei Yim Yap

ISBN 9789054876465

Price 50.95

Trade Paper

Contemporary Chinese Art
Contemporary Chinese Art >
By Jeanne Boden

ISBN 9789057182150

Price 55.99

Trade Paper

Cultural & Creative Industries in Brussels
Cultural & Creative Industries in Brussels >
By François Rinschbergh, By Eva Swyngedouw, By Jef Vlegels

ISBN 9789057188022

Price 33.95

Trade Paper

Curb your Idealism
Curb your Idealism >
By Vincent Stuer

ISBN 9789057187452

Price 28.95

Trade Paper

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