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A World for My Daughter
A World for My Daughter

A World for My Daughter

An Ecologist's Search for Optimism


240 Pages, 5.92 x 9.07

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $24.95)

Publication Date: August 2015

ISBN 9781927575963

Rights: US

Caitlin Press Inc. (Aug 2015)

Price: $24.95


As an ecologist, Alejandro Frid is haunted by the irrevocable changes that humans are forcing upon Earth-the loss of ancient forests, the demise of large predators, shifts in the chemistry and circulation patterns of the atmosphere and more. Feeling completely discouraged by his research on endangered species and various forms of ecological meltdown, Alejandro accepts defeat and simply escapes from this world without a future by retreating to Earth's few remaining wild places. Then Twyla Bella, his daughter, is born. He wonders, how can he bring a child into a world he believes is doomed? Does this very belief make the situation hopeless? Faced with these questions, Alejandro begins his search for optimism. A WORLD FOR MY DAUGHTER takes readers to the sharp knife-edge on which the fate of the biosphere rests. Merging the perspective of a scientist compelled to share the significance of his research, glimpses into the worldview of modern indigenous hunters and the voice of a parent speaking to his child about life's conundrums, A WORLD FOR MY DAUGHTER steers readers toward imagining their own role in preserving the vibrancy of our planet.

Author Biography

Dr. Alejandro Frid is an ecologist for First Nations of British Columbia's Central Coast, working at the interface of conservation science and social justice. For over two decades, his research experience has spanned from conflicts between industrial development and terrestrial wildlife to the plight of endangered species and the effects of overfishing on marine predators. Born and raised in Mexico City, twice arrested for civil disobedience against fossil fuel companies and their climate-destroying emissions, and spending his adult life in British Columbia and the Yukon, he inhabits the worlds of science, modern indigenous cultures and climate activism.