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A Rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci
A Rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci

A Rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci

The Concetto of the Virgin of the Rocks


160 Pages, 9.4 x 12

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $59.00 (US $59.00) (CA $71.00)

Publication Date: June 2010

ISBN 9783854181354

Rights: US & CA

Karolinger Verlag (Jun 2010)

Price: $59.00


Documenting its early 20th century exhibition at a museum in Graz/Styria, this examination focuses on a painting that was regarded as a copy of a work by Leonardo da Vinci. The study relates how it was sold after the war by its owner, the Count Attems, before falling into oblivion. Penned by an art historian and acknowledged expert on da Vinci as well as a noted Viennese restorer, this volume contends that the painting is in fact the concetto (draft) of Leonardo’s masterpiece “Virgin of the Rocks,” existing in two versions in Paris and London. As the narrative shows, the author’s noted methodology not only authenticated the painting but also proved the identity of the two children depicted in it as Jesus and St. John, ending the contentious debate on the subject.