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A Reader’s Guide to Supply-Side Reform
A Reader’s Guide to Supply-Side Reform

A Reader’s Guide to Supply-Side Reform


232 Pages, 6 x 9.25

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $49.95 (US $49.95) (CA $66.95)

Publication Date: September 2021

ISBN 9781487804909

Rights: US & CA

Royal Collins Publishing Company (Sep 2021)

Not Yet Published. Estimated release date: September 2021


In A Reader’s Guide to Supply-Side Reform, 22 mainstream scholars, experts, and senior think tanks behind the 13th Five-year Plan offer insight into what supply side reform is, why it should be conducted, how to view it, and what to do. This book offers a thorough overview.As a major strategic proposition, the supply side structural reform is a new expression that provides a new perspective and route for China’s economic development. It is a new engine driving the 13th Five-year Plan and economic growth, which will determine the direction of China’s economic and social reform in the future. What is supply side reform? What role does it play in China’s economy? What is at its core? What is its focus? How does it integrate with other current important financial reforms and innovations? What are the possible mistakes that should be avoided? The interpretation and discussion of these issues will help clarify how to view and implement supply-side reform.


"Given the restoration of the supply side reform, what is needed is a rational restoration. Once again, we should review the relationship between the government and the market, so that they can achieve balance again in the new situation." —Zheng Yongnian (director, Institute of East Asian Studies, National University of Singapore)  

"The optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure is manifested as creative destruction. In the process of creative destruction, "destruction" is inevitable and does not change according to people's will, while "creation" requires corresponding institutional conditions and a conducive policy environment." —Cai Fang (director, Institute of Population and Labor Economy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Author Biography

Wu Jinglian is one of the most influential economists in contemporary China. He won the Sun Yefang Economic Science Award five times, in 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, and 1992. Zheng Yongnian holds a Ph.D. in political science from Princeton University. He is now director of the Institute of East Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore and chairman of the academic committee of the Institute of Public Policy, South China University of Technology. Li Yining, renowned economist, is now director of the Department of Social Sciences at Beijing University and honorary Dean of Guanghua School of Management of Beijing Uni