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A Patch Of Dreams
A Patch Of Dreams

A Patch Of Dreams


192 Pages, 6.69 x 9.45

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $22.99 (US $22.99) (CA $30.99)

Publication Date: July 2008

ISBN 9788496427235

Rights: US & CA

Fanfare (Jul 2008)
Ponent Mon

Price: $22.99


Renei is a Fine Arts student in Tokyo following a course of painting enigmatic designs on cloth. She maintains an ambiguous relationship with Koga, her professor and 20 years her senior. Now Renei thinks she's going crazy: she has begun to dream of Ku's World' all the time, and of Mount Babiranma with its fantastical creatures, Nagizari, God, little Rey and the lethal Teppas. With a tenuous hold on reality, it is not surprising that, when Kaya - a friend who committed suicide - reappears, she is drawn into this world of dreams.