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A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage
A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage

A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage


112 Pages, 8.24 x 10.94

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.95 (CA $26.95) (US $19.95)

Publication Date: October 2008

ISBN 9780972919173

Rights: WOR

Satya House Publications (Oct 2008)

Price: $19.95


A Dog Lover's Guide to Canine Massage is a practical workbook designed for all dog lovers, as well as professionals - veterinarians, groomers, kennel and shelter operators, trainers, etc. - and dogs of all ages, sizes, and conditions. Fully illustrated with more than 100 photographs, it provides a strong foundation in massage technique, canine anatomy, as well as the how-to's, what-for's, and why not's. If you've ever had a massage you know how much better it makes you feel. The benefits of canine massage are about the same.for you and your 4-legged friends. Massage can help your dog relax, decrease chronic pain, speed up recovery from injuries, and help condition a working or competitive dog. Each chapter includes short exercises that help the reader build their knowledge and confidence experientially, not just theoretically. You'll learn what to look for before, during and after massage; why certain techniques are better than others for particular conditions such as arthritis; and how easily you can incorporate massage into the daily life of your canine companion.

Author Biography

Jody Chiquoine: founder/director of Fitter Critters, a canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy facility in Lee, MA. Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, a member of the American Canine Sports Medicine Association, certified in canine massage. Linda Jackson: certified in Holistic Animal Care, founder/director of The Centre for Acupuncture, which offers acupuncture and massage for human and canine clients in Great Barrington, MA.