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A Difficult Difference
A Difficult Difference

A Difficult Difference

Race, Religion and the New Northern Ireland

192 Pages

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper,

Publication Date: May 2010

ISBN 9780716530923

Rights: US & CA

Irish Academic Press (May 2010)

Available from local and national retailers throughout the US.


This is the story of how multicultural agendas have emerged in Northern Ireland, and how sectarianism continues to frustrate new visions for a post-conflict society. Drawing on everything from analysis of anti-racist murals and posters to interviews with politicians, policy makers and minority ethnic representatives, this book shows how, and where, Northern Ireland is moving forward, and where patterns of behaviour and social organisation rooted in tribal division are holding it back. While politicians across the globe are grappling with issues of race and religion, understanding Northern Ireland in all its complexity has never been more important. This highly readable account paints a vivid picture of where Northern Irish society is now, and what needs to change if a socially cohesive future for all its peoples is ever to be realised.