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A City with a Difference
A City with a Difference

A City with a Difference

The Rise and Fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement


176 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $18.00 (US $18.00)

Publication Date: January 1997

ISBN 9781550650860

Rights: WOR X CA

Vehicule Press (Jan 1997)
Véhicule Press

Price: $18.00


The Montreal Citizen's Movement, a municipal party created in May 1974, was a broad coalition that included members of major trade unions, Parti Qu+b+cois militants, the Quebec wing of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP), independent radicals, and a significant number of Anglophone intellectuals. In its twelve years in opposition (1974-1986) and its two terms in power (ending in 1995), the MCM had a powerful influence on both the policy and process of Montreal's municipal government. A City With a Difference describes how different types of political activists function within populist political parties—pragmatists, ideologues, party strategists, and citizens seeking involvement in the workings of their city. The author demonstrates that the MCM is what Herbert Kitschelt calls a left-libertarian party with electoral pragmatists co-existing with ideologically-driven social activists within the same political structure. From the years in opposition to the years in power, Thomas chronicles the MCM's triumphs, failures, conflicts, and compromises. This is a fascinating case study with relevance for other cities.