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Publicity Spotlight:

A celebrity hippo from Cincinnati makes her New York Times debut

Fiona's Feelings

Born six weeks premature at nearly half the typical birth weight of a healthy hippopotamus, Fiona was a remarkable zoo animal from the start. But after battling through a rough beginning, she began to flourish—gaining weight, displaying typical hippo behaviors, and developing quite the sassy personality. Patrons and staff at the Cincinnati Zoo posted tons of heartwarming Fiona footage online, and enough of the country fell in love that she’s supplemented her social media fame with a recent feature article in the The New York Times.

Dr. John Hutton, in partnership with blue manatee press and the Cincinnati Zoo, developed a case of “Fionamania” early on—and has created a gorgeous board book for #TeamFiona and any other animal-loving little one. The book, Fiona’s Feelings (April 2018, 9781936669653), explores the array of emotions both Fiona and young readers are just beginning to understand, and it’s illustrated with hilariously expressive photos of the now 500-pound hippo. Fiona has become an icon of body-positivity, a celebration of preemie babies, a master of the art of photo-bombing, and with this book, a truly lovable literary protagonist meant to help kids build language and social-emotional skills.

For more on Fiona’s journey, visit the New York Times Online.