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A Book of Myths

Folklore Tales & Legends From Around the World

By Jean Lang, Illustrated by Helen Stratton


168 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $8.10 (CA $11.40) (US $8.10)

Publication Date: December 2020

ISBN 9788027340033

Rights: US & CA

e-artnow (Dec 2020)

Not Yet Published. Estimated release date: December 2020


A Book of Myths is a collection of folk tales, legends and mythology from all over the world, assembled by Jean Lang. The book contains the myths of the North and of the South, legends of the East and of the West, with the study and analysis, as the author draws parallels between ancient myths and some modern beliefs. Table of Contents: • Prometheus and Pandora • Pygmalion • Phaeton • Endymion • Orpheus • Apollo and Daphne • Psuche • The calydonian Hunt • Atalanta • Arachine • Idas and Marpessa • Arethusa • Perseus the Hero • Niobe • Hyacinthus • King Midas of the Golden Touch • Ceyx and Halycone • Aristaeus the Bee-Keeper • Proserpine • Latona and the Rustics • Echo and Narcissus • Icarus • Clytie • The Cranes of Ibycus • Syrinx • The Death of Adonis • Pan • Lorelei • Freya, Queen of the Northern Gods • The Death of Baldur • Beowulf • Roland the Paladin • The Children of Lir • Deirdre