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A Bear Called Euston
A Bear Called Euston

A Bear Called Euston

The Evil Twin


128 Pages, 5 x 8

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $8.95 (US $8.95)

Publication Date: November 2010

ISBN 9781853757952

Rights: US

Welbeck Publishing Group (Nov 2010)
Carlton Publishing Group

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Once upon a time there were two bears. One was polite, cuddly and cute. The other one hated his guts. If you were to come across a small, cute, defenseless, cuddly little bear at a railway station who was both courteous and utterly endearing —it wouldn't be this one. This bear was foul-mouthed, obnoxious, violent, and utterly filthy not only in terms of his personal hygiene but also in every thought and most of his deeds. That didn't bother the Wood family. They adopted him and took him home with them. They may have had their own reasons for doing so, but the little bear certainly had other plans. When he first arrived from darkest Colombia, the little bear didn't know anyone in London. That was all soon to change. A chance meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Wood at Euston Station led to him being given a new name and a new home. Mr. Wood looked like a very respectable man to the newly-named Euston. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Euston looked like a foul, disgusting, vicious, scheming little piece of s***. Sometimes looks can be spot on. Settling in to a very comfortable lifestyle with the Woods, Euston causes no end of chaos for the family, and when he finds that his most hated rival, his sworn enemy, his closest relative is living just round the corner, Euston begins plotting a despicable campaign that will satisfy his lust for revenge.

Author Biography

Keillor Robertson is a writer of vivid imagination who takes great pain in typing every sentence of his work. In fact, he is actually in great pain while typing every sentence of his work. It's not easy typing with your hands strapped behind your back and sometimes the nurses do the buckles up rather too tightly. Neither is it easy for him to see what he is writing, especially when his cell is plunged into darkness after lights out. This isn't his real name. It's two types of marmalade.