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5 Modes of Leadership
5 Modes of Leadership

5 Modes of Leadership

How to Adapt Your Style to Be an Effective and Inspirational Leader


208 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $33.95)

Publication Date: May 2020

ISBN 9781789550771

Rights: US, CA, AU & NZ

Legend Times Group (May 2020)
Legend Business

Price: $24.95


A comprehensive guide to the different types of leadership and how and when to switch between them

This book offers comprehensive advice, based on decades of successful training results, skillfully condensed into an easily digested format. This original blueprint for leadership will help you inspire people to follow your lead and share your vision. You will have discovered how great leaders choose the right mode of leadership for every occasion, with people's efforts coordinated and team members focused upon producing the outcomes you want. Leadership can be split into five different modes each outlined in the book that will allow to adopt the best approach in each situation. New and experienced leaders at all levels will find practical advice that can be employed immediately.


"Just finished reading the book. Super valuable. I plan on having our CEO read it so we can discuss it. I wish they'd given me this book along with our $49M Series C round of funding. It would have been equally valuable. Essential wisdom put into a clear structure that is memorable and actionable." —Darrell Benatar, President and Executive Chairman of User Testing Inc.

"Stuart Wyatt is the most disciplined and effective business leader I've met. This book represents the practices I've personally seen him employ successfully over the past 30 years. Every leader and manager should read this book and consider using its lessons to achieve heightened success." —Mike Faith, CEO of Headsets Inc.

"Unlike most business books that can be summarized in a page or two, Wyatt provides practical, no-nonsense advice on 5 different modes of leadership. Whether you're a senior leader looking to refresh your skills or a new manager developing your leadership toolkit, this book is for you." —Chris Hicken, General Partner, HFF Capital

"This book is mandatory reading for anyone who cares about becoming a leader. As Mr. Wyatt aptly points out, leaders aren't born they are made; and his remarkable book will help you hone your skills to unlock your leadership potential. Bring a pen and prepare yourself—this isn't just a book it's a graduate level course on how to think, decide, act and lead—a must read for all aspiring leaders!" —Alden Mills, author, Unstoppable Teams and Be Unstoppable, and Inc 500 CEO

"At several stages in my professional life I have worked with and for Stuart Wyatt. And he has also worked for me. That has enabled me to witness that by employing the five modes of leadership people can strike an effective balance between motivational positivism and down to earth coordination of people and resources. I have seen the results, up close and personal. It works." —Steve C. Brazier, CEO of Hexcel Designs, ex Director of Global Education at Promethean

"An indispensable reference book for anyone serious about management and leadership." —Joe Cussens, Managing Director, The Bath Pub Company Ltd

"The Five Modes of Leadership delivers a compelling playbook for getting the best out of your team and yourself. The ideas are presented in a style that is easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to implement." —Brent Lang, Chairman & CEO, Vocera Communications Inc.

Author Biography

Stuart Wyatt is a businessman with more than 40 years of experience as a manager and leader. His first management role was as national sales and marketing manager for the outboard motor division of Volvo-Penta UK. He switched to the expanding information technology sector during 1979. He founded, expanded, and sold his own company, Wyatt Computer Supplies. He was Managing Director of Multisoft Solutions, a systems house serving manufacturing and retail. In the late 1980s, Stuart developed and published the SERAfile® personal productivity system. For 10 years, Wyatt & Associates provided productivity training and leadership mentoring for managers at all levels to client SMEs and large enterprises including many household names. He has provided interim executive support to companies in the UK and US, including managing the launch of new ventures, marketing campaigns, interim general management, and business strategy projects.