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40 Names of the Holy Spirit
40 Names of the Holy Spirit

40 Names of the Holy Spirit

Who He is, What He does and His place in your life


208 Pages, 6.0 x 8.9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $14.99 (US $14.99)

Publication Date: April 2011

ISBN 9780956400840

Rights: US

Cross House Books (Apr 2011)

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What's in a name? Everything you ever wanted to know about the Holy Spirit is contained in this exciting and comprehensive book! The Holy Spirit is not wind or fire or a dove, neither is He some olive oil in the bottle. He is the part of the Trinity who we should be most involved with today. -Dr. Fred Addo The names of God represent a deliberate invitation to you to take advantage of what God can and wants to be in your life. Whatever you call Him is what He will become to you. Do you know all of His names? How much deeper would you like to know the Comforter? You will learn the following-and much more!, Seven Symbols of the Holy Spirit; Names of the Holy Spirit; Seven Things Not to Do to the Holy Spirit; Twenty fold Relationship with the Holy Spirit; Fourfold Presence of the Holy Spirit; Seven Keys to Receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism Each chapter concludes with Points to Ponder designed to stimulate and inspire you to reach a higher level of spiritual knowledge and living. The Holy Spirit is your Strengthener-learn how to enlist His personal help today!


"Bishop Fred Addo is one of those people in the Body of Christ who has an anointing to write. When you read his books, you can actually hear his voice preaching the same scriptural insight and prophetic presence as he does around the world. This is one of the most comprehensive, yet simple-to-read books on the Holy Spirit I have ever seen. It is definitely a classic. No matter what you believe, the author brings everybody in when he says that the Holy Spirit is "not a Pentecostal." This book will change your life." — Bishop Joel Thomas, Word of Life Church, Toronto, Canada

Author Biography

Dr. Fred Addo has preached to countless people in evangelistic crusades, leadership seminars, churches, and schools worldwide, with signs and wonders following. Bishop Addo pastors the International Praise Cathedral in Kaduna, Nigeria. His wife, Dr. Funbi Addo, is also a preacher. Recently, the Lord led Bishop and Mrs. Addo out of pastoral ministry and into the mission field.