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365 Powerful Ways to Influence


318 Pages

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $6.99 (US $6.99) (CA $9.99)

Publication Date: February 2019

ISBN 9780883918487

Rights: WOR

Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc. (Feb 2019)


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Deal-making is the art of influencing.  And Donald Hendon is a much better deal-maker than the better-known Donald Trump.  Hendon’s 365 Powerful Ways to Influence People has 365 deal-making tactics.  Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal, has only 11 tactics.  Become a bigger winner than Trump by using Hendon’s methods. Highlights:•The prism of powerâ€â€Âhow to reach the top quickly•An exercise in self-discoveryâ€â€Âreaders learn if they are apathetic, submissive, passive, fair bargainers, strong persuaders, extra-aggressive, sinners, or saints• Preparation, assertive, defensive, submissive, and cooperative tactics…plus dirty tricks to watch out for.•How to make sure both sides winâ€â€Âand why this is so importantAn outstanding extra-value feature:  Never Buy a Car from a Dealer with a Gong in the Showroom.  Insightful case study on how to outmaneuver a high-pressure automobile salesman, Harry Hard-Sell, the notorious “Las Vegas Close-inator.â€Â  Actual dialog obtained using hidden microphone.

Author Biography

Donald Hendon really knows how to influence people.  He has won big-time at the negotiating table in 38 nations on six continents.  Using the 365 tactics in this book, he has become a millionaire several times over.  That's because he knows which tactics influence others and which ones don't.  And more importantly, he knows why!  He also knows which tactics most people use over and overâ€â€Âand which tactics they usually avoid. He has trained thousands of people from over 60 nations and turned them into big winners at the negotiating table.  A Hong Kong executive told him, "Using only a few of your tactics, I made $1.5 million extra the same week I attended your seminar.  And that same month, I made an extra $50 million.  Thank you so much"