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21 Days to Success Through Networking
21 Days to Success Through Networking

21 Days to Success Through Networking

The Life and Times of Gnik Rowten


144 Pages, 6 x 8

Trade Paper, $15.95 (US $15.95) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: October 2013

ISBN 9781937290030

Rights: US, CA & UK

Information Today, Inc. (Oct 2013)
CyberAge Books

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An invaluable life and business skill taught through an entertaining example

Real-world situations, events, and challenges fuel the instructive insights in this relatable guide to networking. The book helps readers meet and prepare for reality by presenting scenarios through the perspective of character Gnik Rowten—“networking” spelled backward—who has made a fresh start in a new city where he has few, if any, friends, prospects, or business contacts. Lessons emerge by following Gnik’s life over a three-week period as he discovers and learns tools, techniques, and strategies for effective business networking. Through Gnik’s adventures and sharing his “aha!” moments, readers learn to extend, deepen, and effectively utilize their own personal and business networks.

Author Biography

Ron Sukenick is the president and founder of the Relationship Strategies Institute and a presenter, consultant, and business coach. He is the author of Networking Your Way to Success and a contributor to the New York Times bestseller Masters of Networking. Ken Williams is a presenter and mentor with a local marketing business. He is a former sales manager and has experience working in human resources and customer service, areas in which he now trains business professionals in improving. They both live in Indianapolis, Indiana.