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101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes)
101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes)

101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes)

From Ambidextrous to Zugzwang


144 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $8.99 (US $8.99) (CA $11.99)

Publication Date: November 2019

ISBN 9781760633660

Rights: US, CA, CN, KR & TW

Allen & Unwin (Nov 2019)
A & U Children

Price: $8.99


Fun facts about 101 of the weirdest words in the English language

101 Weird Words (and 3 Fakes) is a mini-dictionary jam-packed with unusual or interesting words, followed by a fun and descriptive definition for each one. Filled with silly pictures and strange wordy facts, this is a book to sweep the reader through the alphabet from AMBIDEXTROUS (no repeated letters) to ZUGZWANG (not a place you want to visit), with a generous sprinkling of riddles, puzzles, and bonus facts. For an extra challenge, try to spot the three fakes in the collection. Is it YARG—the cheese that turned its maker backwards? Or maybe JUFFLE—the semi-jig, semi-shuffle you do on a zebra crossing? Only a true word detective will crack the case!

Author Biography

David Astle is a full-time word nerd. He is a crossword-setter for the Sydney Morning Herald and Age. He is the author of Wordburger, Riddledom, and Puzzles and Words.