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10 Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care


80 Pages, 8.5 x 11

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $50.00 (US $50.00) (CA $68.00)

Publication Date: December 2005

ISBN 9781567932362

Rights: WOR

Health Administration Press (Dec 2005)
Executive Essentials Book

Price: $50.00


Busy executives and administrators hear about hundreds of patient care improvement ideas each year, but don’t often know the answers to questions such as Is this a really good idea? Has it produced results? Would it work for my kind of organization? Where could I go to learn more about this idea? James Reinertsen and Wim Schellekens’ 10 Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care answers those questions, and presents you with bold and practical ideas that will undoubtedly improve your organization’s patient care quality. Each idea in this book has already been proven to yield dramatic results at the organization level. The book includes such ideas as: Include patients directly in the process of redesigning care systems—shifting more power to the patient is the ultimate transformational strategy Plan for system-level (not just project-level) improvements—weave improvement projects into the fabric of everyday operations for the entire organization Aim for perfection rather than just matching your competition—benchmarks contain a lot of defects. Do you really want to become “the cream of the crap?” Schedule an appointment for each patient’s discharge—and reduce bottlenecks in flow throughout your hospital

Author Biography

James L. Reinertsen, MD, is chief executive officer of The Reinertsen Group. The Reinertsen Group, based in Alta, Wyoming, is an independent consulting and teaching practice that helps healthcare leaders create organizational environments in which high-quality work by doctors and nurses can thrive. He is senior fellow at the Institute for Health Care Improvement, where he heads the leadership development sector. He can be reached at