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The Life of the Buddha
The Life of the Buddha

The Life of the Buddha

According to the Pali Canon


400 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

EPUB, $6.99 (US $6.99) (CA $6.99)

Publication Date: September 2003

ISBN 9781938754531

Rights: US & CA

Pariyatti Publishing (Sep 2003)
BPS Pariyatti Editions

Price: $6.99
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Ancient Pali texts reveal the Buddha's life and philosophy

Composed entirely of texts from the Pali canon, this unique biography presents the oldest authentic record of the Buddha’s life and revolutionary philosophy. The ancient texts are rendered here in a language marked by lucidity and dignity, and a framework of narrators and voices connect the canonical texts. Vivid recollections of his personal attendant Ananda and other disciples bring the reader into the Buddha’s presence, where his example offers profound inspiration and guidance on the path to freedom.


“If you want to read only one book about the Buddha, this is the undisputed best choice.” —Paul Fleischman, author, Karma and Chaos

“An incredible resource for the West. . . . It is a work of tenderness, scholarship, and beauty, a tremendous contribution from one of the first Englishmen to embrace the Buddhist path.” —Mark Epstein, author, Going on Being and Thoughts Without a Thinker

Author Biography

Bhikkhu Ñanamoli was ordained as a monk in Sri Lanka, where he spent 11 years living in a monastery and translating the texts of Theravada Buddhism into English. He is the author of The Discourse on Right View, Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, and The Path of Purification.