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'Ecclesia Nidrosiensis' and 'Noregs veldi'
'Ecclesia Nidrosiensis' and 'Noregs veldi'

'Ecclesia Nidrosiensis' and 'Noregs veldi'

The role of the Church in the making of Norwegian domination in the Norse World

Edited by Steinar Imsen


368 Pages

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $57.00 (US $57.00)

Publication Date: December 2012

ISBN 9788232101757

Rights: US & CA

Fagbokforlaget (Dec 2012)

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From the reign of King Magnus Hakonsson (1263-1280) until the Reformation (1537), the province of the Nidaros Church and the realm of the King of Norway coincided, more or less. This was hardly a coincidence. It might have been foreseen already at the construction of the metropolitan see of Nidaros (Trondheim) in 1152 (or 1153). In the early 1260s, when Icelanders and Greenlanders accepted the King of Norway as their lord, they had been under ecclesiastical rule from Trondheim for more than 100 years. There is reason, therefore, to take a look at the role of the Nidaros Church in the making of Norwegian domination in the Norse world and in northern Scandinavia in the Middle Ages. There has been no previous systematic research on the relationship between Church and Crown in the making of a greater Norway in the Middle Ages, therefore this book contributes to opening up this rich field of research, touching upon some central issues. (Series: ROSTRA Books - Vol. 10)