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Ángeles rebeldes
Ángeles rebeldes

Ángeles rebeldes


360 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $25.00 (US $25.00) (CA $28.00)

Publication Date: January 2008

ISBN 9788493591434

Rights: US & CA

Libros del Asteroide (Jan 2008)

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The College of St. John and Holy Ghost, dormant and subdued by its academic life, is revolutionized by the return of the brilliant and evil Professor Parlabane and by the complicated inheritance the university has just received from Arthur Cornish, one of the most important Canadian art collectors of the twentieth century. The suspicions among the executors of Cornish’s will—professors Hollier, McVarnish and Darcourt—reach a boiling point when an unedited Rabelais manuscript is discovered among the objects in the will, and the greed brought about by the coveted manuscript will reveal each of the novel’s characters’ true colors. With this tale of intrigue, Davies takes us on a tour of academic life, arts patronage, alchemy, collectorship, and the gypsy tradition. Although it can be read independently, this novel is the first installment of The Cornish Trilogy. La Universidad de San Juan y el Espíritu Santo, adormecida en su absorbente vida académica, se revoluciona con el regreso del brillante y malvado profesor Parlabane y con el complicado legado que la universidad acaba de recibir de Arthur Cornish, uno de los más importantes coleccionistas de arte canadienses del siglo XX. Las suspicacias entre los albaceas del testamento de Cornish—los profesores Hollier, McVarish y Darcourt—se acrecientan al descubrir entre los objetos del legado un manuscrito inédito de Rabelais. La codicia que va a desatar el preciado manuscrito revelará el verdadero carácter de cada uno de los personajes de la novela. Con esta historia de intriga Davies nos pasea por la vida académica, el mecenazgo, la alquimia, el coleccionismo, y la tradición gitana. Aunque puede ser leída independientemente, esta novela es el primer libro de la Trilogía de Cornish.


"Full of the splended ironies and fateful turns, as well as the fascinating characters, one expects from Davies." —Chicago Tribune, on the English-language edition

"Robertson Davies is one of the great modern novelists." —Sunday Times

"Robertson Davies is the sort of novelist readers can hardly wait to tell their friends about." —Washington Post

"He is one of the most learned, amusing and otherwise accomplished novelists of our time. His novels will be recognized with the very best work of this century." —John Kenneth Galbraith, author, The Affluent Society

"[T]he greatest comic writer since Dickens." —John Irving, author, The Cider House Rules

"Davies is author to one of the most consistent narrative works of the 20th century." —La Vanguardia

Author Biography

Robertson Davies was a Canadian author, journalist, and playwright. His most famous works are his novels, which were organized into trilogies: The Salterton Trilogy, The Deptford Trilogy, The Cornish Trilogy, and the uncompleted Toronto Trilogy. Concepción Cardeñoso is a translator who has translated many of Robertson Davies' novels.