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The Tenth Saint
The Tenth Saint

The Tenth Saint

Book One

Sarah Weston Chronicles


464 Pages, 5 x 8

Mobipocket, $4.99 (US $4.99) (CA $4.99)

Publication Date: March 2012

ISBN 9781605422480

Rights: WOR

Medallion Press (Mar 2012)

Price: $4.99
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An archaeological thriller with a philosophical soul

Cambridge archaeologist Sarah Weston makes an unusual discovery in the ancient Ethiopian mountain kingdom of Aksum—a sealed tomb with inscriptions in an obscure dialect. Along with her colleague, American anthropologist Daniel Madigan, she tries to identify the entombed man and translate the inscriptions. Tracking down clues in Addis Ababa and the monasteries of Lalibela, Sarah and Daniel uncover a codex in the subterranean library revealing the secret of the tomb—a set of prophecies about Earth’s final hours, written by a man hailed by Ethiopian mystics as Coptic Christianity’s 10th saint. Faced with violent opposition and left for dead in the heart of the Simien Mountains, Sarah and Daniel survive to journey to Paris, where they’re given a 14th-century letter describing the catastrophic events that will lead to the planet’s demise. Connecting the two discoveries, Sarah faces a deadly conspiracy to keep the secret buried in order to promote technological advances presently leading toward the prophesied end of the Earth.


"Her descriptive powers are remarkable. Whether constructing the distant past or today, whether reproducing the foreign or the familiar, Ms. Niko brings vivid, convincing sensory detail to her settings." —

"Fast-paced and filled with danger and action in interesting and less well-known locales, The Tenth Saint will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the end." —

"Interesting, intricate, and intriguing, The Tenth Saint is an archeological puzzle the reader can't wait to solve." —James O. Born, author, Burn Zone

"Like The Da Vinci Code, The Tenth Saint takes you to a place you have never been, creating an adventure you will not soon forget." —Laurence Leamer, author of New York Times best-selling The Kennedy Men and The Kennedy Women

"It's a familiar story, but familiar doesn't necessarily mean bad. The characters are lively, and the story is fast-paced and exciting, especially for inveterate fans of the genre. A sequel seems clearly indicated, and if Niko could find some slightly fresher things to do with the historical–conspiracy formula, she could really have something." —David Pitt, Booklist

"The Tenth Saint is a clever and well-written story which piqued my interest and curiosity. I enjoyed the wicked twist at the end, which I thought brought everything together cleanly. I look forward to more of Ms. Niko's writing!" —

"Plain and simply an action-packed thriller. D.J. delivers on that and then goes a step further." —

"A fascinating look at the Coptic Christian Church (in the news of late in Egypt). . . . The storyline is fast paced. . . . Fans will enjoy this engaging conspiracy." —Harriet Klausner, MBR Bookwatch (March 2012)

Author Biography

D.J. Niko is the pseudonym for Daphne Nikolopoulos, a journalist, author, editor, and self-proclaimed modern nomad who has spent the better part of two decades traveling the world. As a former travel writer and zealous adventurer, she has visited remote spots on six continents, many of which have inspired her novels. She has a particular passion for deserts and the nomadic way of life and has spent time among various tribes in Africa and Asia. She was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and now resides in Florida with her family.