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The Stress of Her Regard
The Stress of Her Regard

The Stress of Her Regard


432 Pages, 6 x 9

Mobipocket, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $9.95)

Publication Date: August 2008

ISBN 9781892391704

Rights: WOR

Tachyon Publications (Aug 2008)

Price: $9.95
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A young doctor allies himself with the great Romantic poets to battle a malignant apparition in this Gothic alternate-history

When Michael Crawford discovers his bride brutally murdered in their wedding bed, he is forced to flee not only to prove his innocence, but to avoid the deadly embrace of a vampire who has claimed him as her true bridegroom. Joining forces with Byron, Keats, and Shelley in a desperate journey that crisscrosses Europe, Crawford desperately seeks his freedom from this vengeful lover who haunts his dreams and will not rest until she destroys all that he cherishes. Told in the guise of a secret history, this long-awaited tale of passion and terror is finally back in print after more than 20 years.


"A reigning master of adult contemporary fantasy." —Booklist

"The reigning king of adult historical fantasy." —Kirkus Reviews

"Tim Powers is a brilliant writer." —William Gibson, author, Neuromancer

"Through both innovation and preservation, Tachyon Publications has become one of the most respected publishing houses in speculative fiction." —Hellnotes: Fiction, Movies, and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre

"Powers has already proved that he is a master of what he terms 'doing card tricks in the dark,' referring to the incredible amount of historical, biographical, and practical research that goes into his works." —Harvard Review

"Powers plots like a demon." —The Village Voice Literary Supplement

"Good serious fantasy doesn't come much better than The Stress Of Her Regard." —Oxford Times

"Tim Powers is a genius." —Algis Budrys, author, The Death Machine

Author Biography

Tim Powers is the author of 12 novels, including The Anubis Gates, Declare, Last Call, and Three Days to Never. He has received the Philip K. Dick, World Fantasy, and Locus awards. He lives in San Bernardino, California.