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The Bermuda Privateer
The Bermuda Privateer

The Bermuda Privateer

The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels, #1

The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels


328 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Cloth, EPUB, Mobipocket, PDF, Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.95 (US $19.95) (CA $26.95)

Publication Date: November 2018

ISBN 9781590137659

Rights: WOR

McBooks Press (Nov 2018)


eBook Editions Available

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Not Yet Published. Estimated release date: November 2018


The Bermuda Privateer is the first book in The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels—the next great nautical fiction series that combines details of history and seamanship with explosive action.

Hailed as groundbreaking by David Donachie, author of the John Pearce Naval Series and the Privateersman Mysteries— "All sea stories should tell you something new, and The Bermuda Privateer meets that criterion in spades. Fast paced and covering an area new to me; I was enthralled by the author's encyclopedic knowledge of the Caribbean. There are battles and conspiracies galore, with engaging characters and thrilling actions." Nicholas Fallon is captain of the schooner Sea Dog, a privateer that is fast, beautiful and deadly. Unbound by Royal Navy tradition, Fallon enjoys total independence in where he goes, how he fights, and whom he takes as crew. A woman—Beauty McFarland—is his second-in-command. It's 1796, and Sea Dog's owner, Ezra Somers, employs Fallon to protect his Caribbean salt trade from French privateers and pirates. Wicked Jak Clayton is especially ruthless. When the two meet just off the Bahamas, even Fallon's cunning can't overcome their mismatch in firepower and desertion by a cowardly ally. Later, in Bermuda, Fallon is enlisted by the Royal Navy to intercept a Spanish flotilla carrying gold and silver to France. But a massive hurricane halts the British attack on the Spanish transports, driving several ships, including Fallon's, onto the Florida shore. Held by Spanish soldiers, Fallon and the surviving crew escape by turning enemies into friends. Once free, only one mission remains. Wicked Jak Clayton must die! The Bermuda Privateer is an action-filled sea story with layered storylines and a modern storyteller's voice. 


"William Westbrook hooks you from the first page with accurate detail, a fast-paced plot, intriguing characters, and a genuine understanding of sailors and the sea. No doubt about it, this is the stuff of a new Hornblower. Napoleon had best beware." —Robert N. Macomber, award-winning author, the Honor Series of naval thrillers 

"Well done. An exciting tale." —James L. Nelson, author, the Norsemen Saga, the Revolution at Sea, and many other naval fiction and nonfiction books 

"An action-packed insight into one of the most fascinating, deadly and captivating predators of the seas—the privateer. Nicholas Fallon promises to be an original and charismatic newcomer to the genre—and one of the most engaging." —Paul Bryers, writer and director, who writes the Nathan Peake novels under the name Seth Hunter

"William Westbrook is not afraid of action, and he is not afraid of blood, history or politics. He is also prepared to tackle seamanship and geography, love and sex. The Bermuda Privateer has all of these delights in plenty, and leaves the reader calling out for more. Luckily, this is only the first book of a series about Bermuda-born Nico Fallon, who becomes embroiled with a ruthless pirate. . . . He also gets involved in a Spanish bullion flota, and a full-scale hurricane and mass shipwreck. There is, however, love, family . . . and a truly impressive expertise. A great maiden voyage!" —Jan Needle, author, the William Bentley Sea Novels and many more naval stories and books of nautical nonfiction

"The Bermuda Privateer is a rousing saga, that kept me turning the pages. Finding treachery on land and blazing cannons at sea and also facing nature's worst, Nicholas Fallon stands the test. William Westbrook has struck gold with his first release." —Michael Aye, author, Pyrate and the Fighting Anthony's

"Like riding the high crests and deep troughs of a stormy sea, The Bermuda Privateer leaves readers gripping the edge of their seats with little time to catch their breath. From a secret alliance to treasure-laden ships bound for the enemy, Nicholas Fallon and his crew . . . battle a maniacal pirate and traitorous allies, while forging friendships in unlikely places." —Cindy Vallar, Editor, Pirates and Privateers

"An Age of Nelson adventure, told from an unusual perspective, with authenticity." —Joan Druett, author, the Wiki Coffin mysteries and Island of the Lost

"Bill Westbrook takes you to sea and puts you [on] an emotional roller coaster ride. Once you start reading The Bermuda Privateer you won't put it down. It would have been an honor to sail with these heroes." —Gary Jobson, two-time Emmy winner and Won America's Cup as Tactician for Ted Turner

Author Biography

William Westbrook began his career as an advertising copywriter and went on to become president and creative director of the advertising agency Fallon, producing award-winning campaigns for BMW, United Airlines, Miller Lite and many other clients. A natural storyteller, he's also co-written a photography book and contributed to sailing magazines, all the while cruising extensively throughout the Chesapeake Bay and the Caribbean. He is the author of the Nicholas Fallon Seas novels. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.