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Stolen Promise
Stolen Promise

Stolen Promise

Dark Hearts Series


380 Pages, 4 x 6.75

Mobipocket, $4.99 (US $4.99) (CA $4.99)

Publication Date: March 2010

ISBN 9781605423692

Rights: WOR

Medallion Press (Mar 2010)

Price: $4.99
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A gripping tale of unlikely love and a fortune at risk

Cultures clash and passions collide when a stunning deathbed confession by his mother sends Evan Dark, the heir to a sprawling South Carolina plantation, to England in search of information about the father he never knew. Evan, a Southern gentleman who has just discovered his Gypsy heritage, cannot resist coming to the aid of a spirited young Gypsy woman, Jade of the Lowara tribe, who has fled her campsite after learning she is betrothed to a brutal clansman. Jade's father, seeing an opportunity to bring wealth to his clan through marriage, pegs Evan as Jade's bridegroom. Coerced into marrying Jade, Evan intends to abandon his Gypsy bride and return to South Carolina, where his own fiancée awaits him, unaware that she has been unfaithful with his half brother and that the two are plotting to challenge Evan’s status as heir. When loyalties divide and fortunes are at risk, will Jade's love be enough?


"Yep, I'm a fangirl. Expect to hear more about Lisa Marie Wilkinson." —West of Mars Rocks 'n Reads

"[Lisa Marie Wilkinson] has given us an action-packed, emotional powerhouse." —Yankee Romance Reviewers

"Plenty of adventure, some steamy interaction . . . make Stolen Promise excellent entertainment." —Romance Reviews Today

"Fluently written and researched with profound characters." —Dream Mistress, Realms of our Bookshelves

"I fell in love." —Coffee Time Romance & More

"There are suspenseful scenarios to make your heart pound and amusing escapades to make you chuckle." —Single Titles

"From England’s shore across the ocean to a young country forming traditions of its own. . . Stolen Promise is sure to steal every reader’s heart." —Romance Roundtable

"All the passion, angst, heartache and deception necessary to ensure that there isn't a dull moment." —

Author Biography

Lisa Marie Wilkinson is a writer and the Grand Prize Winner in the 2007 Maryland Writers Association Novel Contest. She is the author of Fire at Midnight. She lives in Antioch, Tennessee.