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Personal Demons
Personal Demons

Personal Demons

Book One in The Jake Helman Files Series

The Jake Helman Files


400 Pages, 4 x 6.75

EPUB, $4.99 (US $4.99) (CA $4.99)

Publication Date: October 2009

ISBN 9781605420738

Rights: WOR

Medallion Press (Oct 2009)

Price: $4.99
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“I had to put this book down to catch my breath.” —Steve Vernon, Cemetery Dance Weekly

Jake Helman, an elite member of the New York Special Homicide Task Force, faces what every cop dreads—an elusive serial killer. While investigating a series of bloodletting sacrifice rituals executed by an ominous perpetrator known as the Cipher, Jake refuses to submit to a drug test and resigns from the police department. While battling a cocaine addiction, Jake starts a high-pressure position as the director of security at Tower International, a controversial genetic-engineering company. Beneath the polished exterior of the corporate identity and the CEO—who has a reputation as the frontiersman on the cutting edge of science—is a deranged mind. As Jake delves deeper into this frightening laboratory, he discovers much more than unethical practices performed in the name of human progress. Sequestered in rooms veiled in secrecy is the worst crime the world will ever see—the theft of the human soul. Horrifying and gruesome, this is a gripping, suspense-filled novel that offers intense arguments about science, ethics, and human life.


"Lamberson’s ability to twist a scenario and offer up descriptive, shiver-inducing murders makes Personal Demons a gripping must-finish." —Rue Morgue

"Personal Demons is compelling and written with great care." —Scott Johnson, The Horror Channel

"This book is jam-packed with that superhero quality that makes comic book geeks drool, yet peppered with enough of a good, old-fashioned, crime novel-meets-horror feel just to make sure you know it's crossing genres." —Paperback Horror

"What sold me on Personal Demons, from its first paragraph to its concluding pages, was the author’s almost uncanny ability to mix characterization, plot and atmosphere into a heady, scary brew." —T. M. Wright, author, A Manhattan Ghost Story and Strange Seed

"One of the best novels we’ve read in a long, long time." —Red Scream

Author Biography

Gregory Lamberson is the writer and director of the horror films Naked Fear, Slime City, and Undying Love. He is the author of Johnny Gruesome and a contributor to Cheap Scares: Horror Filmmakers Share Their Experience. He lives in Cheektowaga, New York.