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We Can Do It!
We Can Do It! By Summersdale

"Speak! It's a revolution for women to have voices." —Jill Soloway. Ever since the dawn of time, women have been stepping up and saying "Yes we can!," even while they were being told "No you can't." From unruly women to wise women, women in love to women ready to take on the world, this inspiring book brings together the wisest and wittiest quotes from women who won't let anything hold them back.
Queen Munch and Queen Nibble
Queen Munch and Queen Nibble By Carol Ann Duffy, Illustrated by Lydia Monks

Carol Ann Duffy and Lydia Monks team up for a wonderfully imaginative and delightfully funny story about an unlikely friendship between two very different royals. Bold, bouncy Queen Munch loves nothing more than eating delicious cakes and enormous breakfasts, whereas Queen Nibble is pale, quiet, and likes making necklaces out of raindrops. So when Queen Munch decides to invite Queen Nibble for a visit and win her friendship, the mission seems doomed to fail. But there is more to each Queen than meets the eye and soon a friendship begins to blossom. A longer story than most picture books, Queen Munch and Queen Nibble is the perfect gift for new readers, and a journey into a captivating and fantastical world that will delight young readers over and over again.
A Murder to Die For
A Murder to Die For By Stevyn Colgan

A darkly comic farce about a murder at a murder mystery festival. How do you solve a murder when hundreds of wannabe detectives all have the same goal? Every year, fans from all over the world descend upon a tiny, picturesque English village to celebrate the life of the enigmatic author Agnes Crabbe and her fictional lady detective, Miss Millicent Cutter. Crabbe fans are quite obsessive; the majority turn up to the festival dressed as Miss Cutter. Spats between rival fan clubs are not uncommon. But when one of the most prominent superfans is murdered on the first day of the festival, the police find themselves trying to solve a crime in which the victim, witnesses, almost everyone in the village, and even the murderer are all dressed as Miss Cutter. And most of them are also trying to solve the murder. In this darkly comic farce, the worlds of classic detective fiction and real-life homicide investigation come crashing together with hilarious—and occasionally messy—results.
Save The Planet
Save The Planet By Almir Narayamoga Surui, By Corine Sombrun, Translated by Julia Grawemeyer

The inspirational story of a Suruí chief's rigorous pursuit of environmental safety and sustainability. Almir Sarayamoga Suruí, the Amazonian tribal chieftain of the indigenous Suruí people, is a leader in the fight to save the rainforest not only for the preservation of his land and people, but for the Earth's and humanity's survival as well. Joining forces with such high-tech corporations as Apple and Google Earth, Suruí has become a guardian of his people and a global activist, despite death threats and million dollar bounties on his head. A recipient of the Global Citizen Award in 2012, Suruí has calculated the direct cost of the loss of our rainforests—"the lungs of the Earth"—in terms of the total amount of Co2 that their destruction would release into the atmosphere, and the monetary loss that this would entail, and by using this carbon deficit formula, has leased access to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies who have joined him in the stewardship of these endangered lands, their flora, fauna, and people.
Thoreau's Microscope
Thoreau's Microscope By Michael Blumlein

A startling fictional form for real-world issues and developing tech. The politics and terrors of biotech, human engineering, and brain science are highlighted in this selection of short stories with Michael Blumlein's signature mix of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and wicked humor. The title piece, "Thoreau's Microscope," is a stunning mix of hypothesis and history, in which the author inhabits Thoreau's last days to explore the politics of impersonal science and personal liberation—a journey as illuminating as it is disturbing.
Dead If You Don't
Dead If You Don't By Peter James

The 14th entry in the New York Times-bestselling series. A parent's worst nightmare is Roy Grace's deadliest case . . . Shortly after Kipp Brown and his teenage son, Mungo, arrive at the stadium for their team's biggest-ever football game, Mungo disappears. A short while later Kipp receives a text with a ransom demand and a warning not to go to the police if he and his wife want to see their son alive again. But as a massive, covert manhunt for the boy and his kidnappers begins, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace starts to realize that not all is what it seems.
Princess Cupcake Jones Saddles Up!
Princess Cupcake Jones Saddles Up! By Ylleya Fields, Illustrated by Michael LaDuca

Princess Cupcake Jones loves adventures! Bored with her regular playtime activities, Cupcake goes on her own adventure to ride her pony, Lacey. But before she can begin her ride, she needs to saddle up her pony. This became a greater challenge that she expected and she got stuck in the process. The author delivers an engaging story that helps children and families understand that helping one another is important, no matter how big or old you are. Each illustration has the traditional 'hidden word' that children delight in finding in all books in the series.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll, Illustrated by Robert Ingpen

The adventures of Alice are newly abridged for younger readers and illustrated by Hans Christian Andersen-award winner Robert Ingpen. The adventures of Alice are newly abridged for younger readers and illustrated by Hans Christian Andersen-award winner Robert Ingpen Lewis Carroll's classic tale began as a story told to a group of children on a boating picnic in 1862 and was first published as Alice's Adventures Under Ground three years later. Alice's adventures down the rabbit hole, in particular the strange characters she meets there—the grinning Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts—have become world-famous. This edition brings together an abridged text for younger readers with more than 20 stunning illustrations, each reflecting his unique style and extraordinary imagination.
prettycitylondon By Siobhan Ferguson

This beautiful collection of images will take you past London's famous landmarks, and into the pretty hidden gems beyond. From secluded mews to undiscovered cafes, flower markets, and tree-lined streets, prettycitylondon champions the quiet, gentle moments that allow you to escape in a huge capital city like London. If you know where to look, you will find that traditional shop fronts, vintage transport, artisan bakeries, florists, and bookstores are but a hop skip and a jump from the center, and some right bang in the middle. Curated by founder and editor of Instagram's @prettycitylondon, this stunning guide also includes tips on how to photograph and plan your own prettycitylondon experience, whether on foot or from afar.
Sailing to America
Sailing to America By Robert Gernhardt, Illustrated by Philip Waechter

An inspiring tale that shows little ones how to set goals and work hard to accomplish them. As his doggy friends watch from the shore, too afraid to join him, brave Captain Olly embarks on a hazardous journey to America in a rubber dinghy alone. This humorous tale of courage and perseverance in the face of adversity is written in an engaging rhyming style. The story shows children that, to achieve your goals, it’s important to properly weigh the risks and plan accordingly.
Kumukanda By Kayo Chingonyi

A debut collection of beautifully crafted and powerful poems, speaking about race in the UK as eloquently and urgently as Claudia Rankine's Citizen did for the U.S. Translating as "initiation," kumukanda is the name given to the rites a young boy from the Luvale tribe must pass through before he is considered a man. The poems of Kayo Chingonyi's remarkable debut explore this passage: between two worlds, ancestral and contemporary; between the living and the dead; between the gulf of who he is and how he is perceived. Underpinned by a love of music, language, and literature, here is a powerful exploration of race, identity, and masculinity.
We Were the Salt of the Sea
We Were the Salt of the Sea By Roxanne Bouchard, Translated by David Warriner

Both a dark and consuming crime thriller and a lyrical, poetic ode to the sea, We Were the Salt of the Sea is a stunning, page-turning novel, from one of the most exciting new names in crime fiction. As Montrealer Catherine Day sets foot in a remote fishing village and starts asking around about her birth mother, the body of a woman dredges up in a fisherman's nets. Not just any woman, though: Marie Garant, an elusive, nomadic sailor and unbridled beauty who once tied many a man's heart in knots. Detective Sergeant Joaquin Morales, newly drafted to the area from the suburbs of Montreal, barely has time to unpack his suitcase before he's thrown into the deep end of the investigation. On Quebec's outlying Gaspé Peninsula, the truth can be slippery, especially down on the fishermen's wharves. Interviews drift into idle chit-chat, evidence floats off with the tide and the truth lingers in murky waters. It's enough to make DS Morales reach straight for a large whisky.
Capsized! By Patricia Sutton

A fascinating historical account of courage and tragedy on the Chicago River. On July 24, 1915, the SS Eastland, filled to capacity with 2,500 passengers and crew, capsized in the Chicago River while still moored to the pier. Happy picnic-goers headed for an employee outing across Lake Michigan suddenly found themselves in a struggle for their lives. Trapped belowdecks, crushed by the crowds attempting to escape the rising waters, or hurled into the river from the upper deck of the ship, roughly one-third of the passengers, mostly women and children, perished that day.       The Eastland disaster took more passenger lives than the Titanic and stands today as the greatest loss of life on the Great Lakes. Capsized! details the events leading up to the fateful day and provides a nail-biting, minute-by-minute account of the ship's capsizing. From the courage of the survivors to the despair of families who lost loved ones, author Patricia Sutton brings to light the stories of ordinary working people enduring the unthinkable.      Capsized! also raises critical-thinking questions for young readers: Why do we know so much about the Titanic's sinking yet so little about the Eastland disaster? What causes a tragedy to be forgotten and left out of society's collective memory? And what lessons from this disaster might we be able to apply today?
The Lazy Weekend Cookbook
The Lazy Weekend Cookbook By Matt Williamson

From breakfast in bed to Sunday roast, more than 100 failsafe recipes perfect for a relaxing weekend. Weekends are the perfect time to treat yourself to some delicious food and in this new book chef Matt Williamson provides recipes ideal for any occasion—whether it is a lazy breakfast in bed, a healthy brunch, a leisurely roast dinner, or a quick Sunday supper. The book includes chapters on Breakfast, Brunch, Long Lunches, Roasts, Barbecue, Picnics, Easy Dinner Parties, and Bakes. The recipes range from brunch classics such as French Toasts and Omelette Arnold Bennett to tasty long lunches like Mussels in a Saffron and Fennel Broth or Persian-style Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb. There are lots of ideas for dining outdoors—from Jerk Skewers or Mexican Corn cooked on the barbecue to noodle salads and black pudding Scotch eggs for the perfect picnic. There are recipes for three-course dinners, perfect for a supper party with friends, and tasty baking ideas such as Ham, Cheese and Olive Loaf, Filled Thumbprint Biscuits, and Ice-cream Sandwiches. With 100 approachable and easy-to-follow recipes packed with flavor and drawing on culinary inspiration from around the globe, The Weekend Cookbook is the perfect way to discover new delicious and indulgent meals. Includes metric measures with conversion chart.
Worth the Wait
Worth the Wait By The Washington Post

The Washington Capitals entered the 2017-18 season still stinging from their latest playoff disappointment months earlier after another dominant regular season. But the team retained its captain, Alex Ovechkin, and its core, including goaltender Braden Holtby and standouts such as Nicklas Backstrom, Evgeny Kuznetsov and T.J. Oshie. After a solid if uneven regular season, the Capitals entered the postseason without the crushing expectations of years past but also no assurance that this year would be different, especially after losses in their first two playoff games. Then something special happened: Ovechkin led with both his play and emotion, Holtby rekindled his magic in net, rookies complemented veterans and the franchise found itself in unprecedented heights: hoisting the Stanley Cup. Relive the magical run through the images and words of The Washington Post photographers and reporters that followed the team every step of the way.
How to Talk to Children About Art
How to Talk to Children About Art By Françoise Barbe-Gall

A must-have for adults who want their children to love and understand art, this guide provides valuable tips for making your visit to a museum  or gallery with children a success. It anticipates how kids might react to paintings by artists as diverse as Kandinsky, Hopper, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Turner and then gives you the tools to have a meaningful discussion about what they see. It doesn't matter if you only know a little about painting or if you are more interested in sports or sciences; if you trust your own eyes, you can help children "enter" a picture and feel comfortable in the world it depicts. You will learn how to help impatient ones express their intuition and how to stimulate their imagination as well as their analytical mind. Sample questions and answers about 30 artworks from the Renaissance to the 21st century provide historical background, explain genres such as still life and portrait, and demystify religious and mythological themes. This new edition features all new paintings along with labeled sections for easy reference according to the age of your child (5–7 years, 8–10 years, 11–13+ years). Full-color reproductions of all the paintings invite study at home either before or after a museum visit.
Why Balloons Rise and Apples Fall
Why Balloons Rise and Apples Fall By Jeff Stewart

An accessible and entertaining look at the baffling world of physics written specifically for the layperson. An accessible and entertaining look at the baffling world of physics written specifically for the layperson From the big stuff (life, the universe, and everything) to the small stuff (the mind-bending world of quantum physics), here is an accessible guide to the fascinating, awe-inspiring, and sometimes downright weird world of physics. Learn about why heavier things don't fall faster, why you have more energy when you're sitting upstairs, and why time slows down as you speed up, and consider such philosophical questions as whether you can be invisible and what happened to Schrödinger's poor cat. Previously published as E=MC2: Simple Physics: Why Balloons Rise, Apples Fall & Golf Balls Go Awry.
Prawn on the Lawn
Prawn on the Lawn By Rick Toogood, By Katie Toogood, Foreword by Mitch Tonks

Modern seafood and fish cookery for the foodie who loves to entertain—over 70 recipes for hot and cold tapas, the ultimate beer and wine pairings to match the food, and great menu suggestions for parties of any size. Ideal for the foodie who loves entertaining and wants to recreate restaurant quality food without the fuss, Prawn on the Lawn is a modern collection of quick, fresh, healthy, and delicious fish and seafood recipes. The recipes are split into an enticing selection of cold and hot tapas, larger plates, sides, desserts, and cocktails. From their signature prawn on the lawn dish to succulent scallop ceviche, beetroot-cured salmon, or razor clams with nam jim, to crab ratatouille—it's all delicious and guaranteed to be a hit. With menu ideas, wine and beer pairings, and tips for adapting recipes to party size, budget, fish preference, and seasonality, this book will make hosting a successful gathering of any size or type easy. A buyer's guide, and focus on provenance and sustainability, mean that this book offers everything you need to know to become a stand-out fish cook and surprise and impress your friends and family. Special how-to videos linked to the book will also be available online, designed to make any potentially tricky techniques super clear to the novice cook. Includes dual measures.
Archive That, Comrade!
Archive That, Comrade! By Phil Cohen

A fascinating examination of the politics of memory. After a brief introduction that sets the contemporary scene of "archive fever," this book considers the political legacy of 1960s counterculture for what it reveals about the process of commemoration. How far can the archive serve as a platform for dialogue and debate between different generations of activists in a culture that fetishizes the evanescent present, practices a profound amnesia about its counterfactual past, and forecloses the sociological imagination of an alternative future? Can the Left establish its own autonomous model of commemoration?
The Ladybird Book of the Ex
The Ladybird Book of the Ex By Jason Hazeley, By Joel Morris

This delightful book is part of a series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown-ups with the world about them. The large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope. Featuring original Ladybird artwork alongside hilarious, brand new text. 
Who Will Roar If I Go?
Who Will Roar If I Go? By Paige Jaeger, Illustrated by Carol Hill Quirk

A beautiful exploration of endangered species and what we can do to preserve them. Do you know what an endangered species is and why animals become endangered? Who Will Roar If I Go? will introduce you to thirteen animals around the world who have one thing in common: they need your help. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and rhyming verse, each animal is sharing a message with you that you will remember long after reading."The King of the Beasts - that's my claim to fame.I've got a big crown of hair that's called a mane."You will meet many animals in Africa: lion, rhinoceros, and gorilla all have something to tell you."With black-patchy eyes, I'm chubby and cute.I'm a lazy bear who chews bamboo shoots."Next visit snow leopard, elephant and tiger in Asia, quetzal in South America, panda and salamander in China, red -crowned amazon and blue karner butterflies in North America, and the pangolin in Australia. Their message is simple, but very important for you, the stewards of the earth:"We need you to care and let us live free.Or there will be no more wild animals to see."Who Will Roar If I Go? will introduce the basics of endangered species to young children and open up conversations of what we can all do to help.Will you roar before they go?