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Michael Imhof Verlag

Michael Imhof Verlag

The Michael Imhof Verlag in Petersberg close to Fulda was founded by the art historian Michael Imhof in 1996. Today the company belongs to the leading art publishers in Germany, with more than 100 titles yearly. The range of books includes academic titles like dissertations and catalogs for well-known museums (in Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Paris and many others) as well as coffee-table books and tourist guides to certain areas, cities and buildings. The main focus of attention lies on the high quality of layout, picture and text editing. In this way a broad range of attractive books concerning art and culture with numerous images in high quality are created for a wide audience.

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Titles Found: 57
Albert Speer in the Federal Republic
Albert Speer in the Federal Republic >
Edited by Martina Christmeier Alexander Schmidt, Edited by Martina Christmeier

ISBN 9783731905943

Price 10.99

Trade Paper

Bangladesh >
Photographs By Peter Voss

ISBN 9783731905882

Price 59.95


Berlin (2 Formats) >
By Michael Imhof

Cloth ISBN 9783865681003

Cloth Price 24.95

Cloth, Cloth

Building the Most Important Bilateral Relationship of the 21st Century
Building the Most Important Bilateral Relationship of the 21st Century >
By Julia Klemeit

ISBN 9783865688699

Price 95.95

Trade Paper

Cellists >
By Uta Süße-Krause, By Harald Eggebrecht

ISBN 9783865685407

Price 50.00


Der Genter Altar / The Ghent Altarpiece
Der Genter Altar / The Ghent Altarpiece >
Edited by Stephan Kemperdick

ISBN 9783731904564

Price 35.95

Trade Paper

Der Künstler Tibebe Terffa / The Artist Tibebe Terffa
Der Künstler Tibebe Terffa / The Artist Tibebe Terffa >
By Elisabeth Biasio, By Peter R. Gerber

ISBN 9783731905769

Price 23.95


Die Straße der Kasbahs/La Route des Kasbahs/The Road of the Kasbahs
Die Straße der Kasbahs/La Route des Kasbahs/The Road of the Kasbahs >
By Brahim El Fasskaoui, By Herbert Popp

ISBN 9783731905783

Price 70.95


Erik und Jula Isenburger
Erik und Jula Isenburger >
Edited by Rolf Jessewitsch, Edited by Susanne Wartenberg

ISBN 9783731906261

Price 47.95


Faces of China
Faces of China >
Edited by Klaas Ruitenbeek

ISBN 9783731906285

Price 58.95

Trade Paper

Falling Stars
Falling Stars >
Edited by Anette Hüsch, Edited by Anke Dornbach, Edited by Peter Thurmann

ISBN 9783731901341

Price 33.95

Trade Paper

Fashion - Art - Works
Fashion - Art - Works >
By Christine Waidenschlager

ISBN 9783731901655

Price 23.95

Trade Paper

Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main >
By Michael Imhof

ISBN 9783865684660

Price 26.99


Galleria Portatile
Galleria Portatile >
Edited by Agnes Kulik Heiko Damm Henning Hoesch, Edited by Henning Hoesch, Edited by Agnes Kulik

ISBN 9783731904717

Price 78.95


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