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How to Raise Strong and Smart Young Women

Redefining Girly

Redefining Girly
Chicago Review Press; 9781613745526
   Price: $16.95 

To a parent with a young daughter, it sometimes seems that gender-specific "pink and princesses" marketing is everywhere. But what about raising creative, healthy daughters that break free of stereotypical and even harmful expectations? Melissa Atkins Wardy, author of Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Stereotyping and Sexualizing of Girlhood, from Birth to Tween, says in a article, "When you have a little girl like mine who is obsessed with the ocean and giant squids and insect infestations in homes, she's considered weird or odd or a tomboy when in fact, science and things like that should be considered girly." Wardy also worries that "girly" toys often lead to an increased focus on looks and sexualization, and counsels parents on how to avoid the pitfalls of raising a daughter in a tricky marketing environment. Publishers Weekly writes, "The book is packed with everyday tips for establishing nongendered parenting roles at home; encouraging creative play; sourcing gender-neutral toys and clothing; positively navigating traditional and potentially harmful gender distinctions at schools, doctors’ offices, play dates, and birthday parties; and wisely wielding power as an educated consumer to effect the greatest change." Redefining Girly gives parents the tools they need to redefine what "girly" means for their daughters.

Swimmer Girl Suzi's Story

Swimmer Girl Suzi's Story:
Winning Strokes

Dream Big Toy Company; 9781940731094
   Price: $24.99

Likewise, Dream Big Toy Company and creator Jodi Norgaard are looking to offer alternative options to parents of young girls, with the Go! Go! Sports Girls series of books and toys. Highlighting the merits of hard work and taking pride in doing one’s best, Dream Big Toy Company's book-and-doll sets expose kids to a positive message and include a sporty girl doll with accompanying accessories. writes about the book-and-toy sets, "Young girls see and hear older women discussing hatred toward their bodies and the latest on fad diets...a break in this trend is always quite refreshing." With the right resources, parents can break free from stereotypes and raise happy, healthy daughters.

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