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Read This Now: The Blood of Angels is thought-provoking ecological sci-fi

The Blood of Angels

The Blood of Angels
Peter Owen Publishers; 9780720610048
Price: $16.95 

The mass disappearance of bees causes a global economic catastrophe and a farmhouse portal leads to the afterlife in The Blood of Angels, the new sci-fi novel that Booklist calls "a welcome addition to the sometimes raucous and violent nature of dystopian literature."

Merging a fantasy landscape with a frightening sci-fi that borders reality, The Blood of Angels begins at Day Zero, when a funeral director and amateur beekeeper, Orvo, finds his hives abandoned and queen bee dead. He fears the worst: Colony Collapse Disorder, which has ignited agricultural disaster, food riots and economic chaos, has finally spread to Finland. But his worries are consumed by an even greater loss when his radical, animal rights activist son Eero is killed during an act of eco-terrorism. Whether it’s a result of mind-altering grief or divine intervention, Orvo discovers a portal to a pristine parallel world in his barn attic. Investigating further, he begins to link the fantasy world to his research of bee mythology and the deteriorating state of the world. As the universal economic disaster threatens war and Orvo struggles to protect his hidden land from those who would spoil its purity, he discovers truths that may provide relief to the colony catastrophe and allow a reunion with his dead son. Intertwining Orvo’s intriguing narrative with Eero’s controversial blog posts on animal rights, the story gradually builds in intensity, revealing a history of subtle familial drama and heated debates over important 21st century issues. A timely novel of global significance, The Blood of Angels will elicit contemplations of ecological negligence in environmentally-minded readers and sci-fi fanatics alike.

Library Journal says in a starred review, "Stunning prose takes the reader down a twisting path between gritty eco­terrorism and another world, with winged messengers leading the way." The Blood of Angels makes a great gift for sci-fi lovers and literary fiction aficionados alike.

Peter Owen Publishers is distributed by IPG.

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