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Trump's America is making a 'UGE impact on winners and losers alike

Trump's America
Trump's America
Micro Publishing Media; 9781944068165
   Price: $19.95 (E-books formats available) 

In what The Washington Post has called "the ‘definitive’ comedy takedown of Donald Trump," The Onion co-founder Scott Dikkers takes us all on a journey of our favorite Trumpisms. It prompts us to ask the important questions—"Are These the Biggest Missiles We Have?" and "If Einstein Was So Smart, Why Wasn't He Rich?" Through hilarious stories, photo mashups, official documents, and future newspaper clippings, readers will experience life under the leadership of President Trump. This is the road map every citizen needs to thrive and survive in a "Trumpocalypse. "Remember, it will be Trump’s America, but you have to live in it."

Since this Complete Loser's Guide's release in April of this year, Scott Dikkers has been interviewed by many prominent publications to spread his knowledge of the Trump Brand Origin Story. Enjoy, losers

Trump's America is published by Micro Publishing Media and distributed by IPG.

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