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Georg Olms Verlag AG

Georg Olms Verlag AG

The publishing companies Georg Olms AG and Weidmannsche Verlagsbuchhandlung GmbH cultivate over 30 specialist areas in established cooperation with 500 scholars and librarians. 30 employees, of which 6 hold doctorates and 7 Masters of Arts in management and editing, supervise the works of international authors and editors. Currently between 20 and 25 first editions are published every month. With a total of 12,000 volumes in print, Olms also has a major international range of first editions and reprints in its portfolio. Under the imprint Olms Online we offer an ePortal and e-books. Moreover, there are the microfiches (the most resistant to age medium next to books). 
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Titles Found: 78
A Maritime History
A Maritime History >
Edited by Abdulrahman Al Salimi, Edited by Eric Staples

ISBN 9783487153902

Price 78.00


A Shakespeare Thesaurus
A Shakespeare Thesaurus >
By Marvin Spevack

ISBN 9783487097763

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Al-Ibadiyya: A Bibliography
Al-Ibadiyya: A Bibliography >
By Martin H. Custers

ISBN 9783487153544

Price 198.00


Andor the Spielmann
Andor the Spielmann >
By Arno Beyer, Translated by Joseph Thomas Swann

ISBN 9783487085081

Price 24.95


Arts / Cultural Management in International Contexts
Arts / Cultural Management in International Contexts >
By Birgit Mandel

ISBN 9783487155784

Price 34.00

Trade Paper

Asil Araber/Asil Arabians IV
Asil Araber/Asil Arabians IV >
By Asil Club

ISBN 9783487083490

Price 100.00


Asil Araber/Asil Arabians V
Asil Araber/Asil Arabians V >
By Asil Club

ISBN 9783487084053

Price 128.50


Asil Araber/Asil Arabians VI
Asil Araber/Asil Arabians VI >
By Asil Club

ISBN 9783487084749

Price 98.00


Brahman >
By Alexander Jacob

ISBN 9783487147406

Price 49.00

Trade Paper

Catholicism and Fascism in Europe 1918 - 1945
Catholicism and Fascism in Europe 1918 - 1945 >
Edited by Jan Nelis, Edited by Anne Morelli, Edited by Danny Praet

ISBN 9783487152431

Price 68.00

Trade Paper

Causality in Early Modern Philosophy
Causality in Early Modern Philosophy >
Edited by Cruz González-Ayesta, Edited by Raquel Lázaro Cantero

ISBN 9783487150352

Price 34.00

Trade Paper

Collected Works
Collected Works >
By Bernard Mandeville

ISBN 9783487071770

Price 138.00


De Materia Medica
De Materia Medica >
By Pedanius Dioscorides Of Anazarbus

ISBN 9783487155715

Price 118.00

Trade Paper

Discourses of Power
Discourses of Power >
Edited by Karl August Neuhausen, Marc La Enenkel, Edited by Marc Laureys, Edited by Christoph Pieper

ISBN 9783487148380

Price 58.00

Trade Paper

Driving >
By Andres Furger

ISBN 9783487084855

Price 225.00


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