IPG's Financial Condition and Payment Policies

Publisher Payment Policies

During the 40 years of its existence, IPG has never failed to pay its distributed publishers in full and on time. This has been possible because, while IPG is an aggressive marketer of books, it applies very conservative principles to its financial management. Large cash reserves are maintained in the form of short-term financial instruments, and a line of credit is always available if needed. Unlike most distributors, IPG does not pass through to its publishers any part of the income lost because of uncollected or disputed invoices.

Accounts Receivable

IPG has good working relationships with the accounting staffs of its customers, but in the case of the larger customers, keeping the accounts accurate is a real challenge. Returns are always difficult with larger customers because they take credits for returns well before these returns arrive in the IPG distribution center. This means IPG has to maintain an elaborate chargeback system to reconcile the inevitable discrepancies. Disputes arising from returns, co-op advertising charges, and other kinds of claims must be negotiated and settled.

Because of its size, IPG has good leverage to collect what is owed by its customers. Still, some customers need to be reminded to pay on time, and a small percentage must be turned over to collection. Overall, IPG’s write-offs are very low.

The statements that accompany payments sent to publishers are detailed, and any charges are supported by attached documents. Questions that publishers have about these statements and documents are resolved quickly.

Payment in full for amounts due each publisher for the appropriate sales month is sent at this time as well. Publishers who need up-to-the-minute sales data to plan reprints or promotional activities can obtain this information at any time by calling the IPG office.


Cara Sample, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Cara started working for IPG in 2011 in the accounting department and became Controller shortly thereafter. In 2013, Cara was promoted to CFO after Teresa Gamboa retired after 24 years of service. Before joining IPG, she worked in public accounting for seven years performing audit and tax work. She is a licensed CPA in the state of Illinois and has a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Cara is responsible for maintaining and analyzing the financial statements, cash management, and managing the accounting department for IPG. She and her staff ensure that IPG publishers receive prompt payment and accurate accounting information. They are continuously working towards improving their processes and providing excellent customer service.

Financial Condition & Payment Policies
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