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Why Book Publishers Should Always Exhibit at Comic Expos ›

Report from the Field: Chicago’s C2E2 2016
Every year, IPG’s hometown of Chicago plays host to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo)–a gathering of the comic book and entertainment world’s most exciting household names.  In this post, IPG Marketing Manager Lauren Klouda shares her experience attending (as Captain Planet, we might add) and organizing IPG’s presence at this … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: Editorial Océano de México ›

We sit down with Pablo Martinez of Editorial Océano de México,  IPG’s largest Spanish-language publisher, to discuss the benefits of being a large international independent publisher, the ever-growing Latin American market, and the opportunities they expect to accompany this growth.
IPG: What differentiates Oceano from other publishers in Mexico?
Pablo Martinez: Oceano has the privilege of benefiting both … Read More »

An Interview with Our Vice President of Digital Services ›

Curt: I’m here with Clark Matthews, who’s in charge of everything digital at IPG. We’re going to talk about selling books directly to consumers. So, Clark, give us the overview of the challenges and the solutions.
Clark: I’m going to start with the technical hurdles. In order to sell directly to a consumer, you need to … Read More »

An Interview With Our Digital Marketing Manager ›

Curt Matthews, CEO of Independent Publishers Group, sits down with Lauren Klouda, IPG’s Digital Marketing Manager, to talk about the challenges and opportunities of e-book marketing.
Curt Matthews: Lauren, you are our Digital Marketing Manager, and this is a very strange sort of job, a sales job truly. When we send our guy in to sell … Read More »