Get the Most Out of Your Promoted Tweets ›

If you’re new to Paid Promotions on Twitter, but want to know how to get the most out of them, then we are here to help. Paid Promotions, despite initial impressions, are not has difficult or expensive as one might think – it’s as simple as clicking a few buttons. IPG did a Promoted Tweet … Read More »

Tweet Louder: Popular Hashtags and Accounts for the Publishing Industry ›

Do you feel like you’re starting from scratch on Twitter? Confused about how to start gaining followers or finding accounts to follow? The IPG marketing team has put together a list of popular, trending hashtags as well as industry tastemakers to follow.
Popular hashtags for Publishing Industry:

#bookbirthday – Publishers and authors will post pictures of their … Read More »

February: Twitter Month on IPG Social Media Boot Camp ›

For the month of February, we will be focusing on Twitter – how to get started, craft goals, create content, and analyze your results. We will discuss scheduling posts, finding your voice, and how to generate engagement.
View the IPG Social Media Boot Camp page now!
Questions? Want to sign up to receive updates? Check out ourRead More »

Kick-off: IPG Social Media Boot Camp ›

In our introductory segment, IPG Marketing Manager Lauren Klouda gives a quick overview of what we’ll be sharing throughout our Social Media Boot Camp. She presents a general action plan that publishers, booksellers, and authors alike can use to build up their social media presence and ultimately guide their brand in the right direction and … Read More »

Publishing in a New Political Era: The Importance of #IndieVoices ›

No matter what you think of the events set to transpire this weekend (Trump’s inauguration and the numerous marches and protests that will accompany it), one thing is for certain—we are entering an entirely new era. How will this affect those of us in the book world? And what will the role of the publishing industry be?
Here, … Read More »

IPG Staff’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017 – Spring ›

With the arrival of every new year comes a special day for every IPG staffer—New Catalog Day. As a freshly-printed copy is placed on each desk, we eagerly await the chance to flip through and see what the upcoming season has in store.
Most of us have been familiar with these titles at least since they were … Read More »

Publisher Spotlight: Pelican Book Group ›

Pelican Book Group, one of IPG’s longest-held and best-selling publisher-clients, received some very exciting news near the end of last year. The publisher of high-quality Christian fiction was given the opportunity to discuss their values in a whole different media—television!
Here, Editor-in-Chief Nicola Martinez discusses her new television program “On Purpose,” how Pelican Book Group came to … Read More »

Frankfurt Book Fair: Takeaways from the World’s Largest Trade Show for Books ›

Perhaps the most covetable trade show IPG participates in is the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Every October, our lucky program directors and CEO fly to Germany for a week of the “world’s largest event for the publishing industry.”
Last year, IPG CEO Joe Matthews gave us the rundown of his experience for one of our very first trade … Read More »

People Love Pittsburgh: Takeaways from NAIBA Fall Conference ›

“People love Pittsburgh.” This was Janet Potter’s biggest takeaway from this year’s New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association’s Fall Conference, even though the show was held in downtown Baltimore.
Here, Janet discusses her first impressions of NAIBA’s annual fall conference, the effects of having a short 4-hour window for exhibition, and the importance of “handing someone a book … Read More »

Messages from the Midwest: Takeaways from the Heartland Fall Forum ›

IPG Marketing Associate Niki Stuckmann left the bustle of Chicago last weekend to travel across the Land of 10,000 Lakes to the Heartland Fall Forum. Here, she shares her biggest takeaways of the gathering of “the backbone of literary culture throughout the Midwest.”
What were the main events of the show? How do they relate/tie-in to theRead More »