Art Models 9 Enhanced
Art Models 9 Enhanced

Art Models 9 Enhanced

Clothed Figures for the Visual Arts: DVD-ROM

Art Models series


1 Pages, 5.25 x 7.5

Formats: DVD-ROM, EPUB, Mobipocket

EPUB, $19.99 (US $19.99) (CA $23.99)

Publication Date: January 2016

ISBN 9781936801404

Rights: WOR

Live Model Books, LLC (Jan 2016)
Live Model Books


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Draw, paint, or sculpt the human figure! Models for figure drawing, painting, or sculpting are traditionally nude. This 9th book in the Art Models series, however, is all about the non-nude figure, finally making this acclaimed reference available to younger artists. Now anyone can study the figure at length and in close-up detail anytime and anywhere. This Enhanced version of Art Models 9 provides access to more and larger photos than the standard version, including all of the 1800+ photos at maximum resolution for use on any PC, Mac, or laptop that has a DVD drive. Practice your life drawing technique, design a scene, study anatomy and drapery, make a finished portrait, do some gesture sketching. The uses of these photos are limited only by your own creativity. Artists wishing to practice—or even create finished works of art—will find a lot to inspire them. Instructors can refer students of many ages to this book for practice and reference. And the publisher gives full permission to do whatever you wish with the artwork created using Art Models 9 as a reference. Every artist has a unique perspective and Art Models 9 includes a wide range of poses for maximum variety. For example, there are technical poses like simple standing, contrapposto, and the "T-pose" but also action poses like jumping and kicking as well as sitting and reclining. There are also some quiet moments, portraying mood through posture and lighting. Portraits and expressions round out the mix. Even the lighting is varied; some photos are evenly lit while others are more chiaroscuro, giving ample opportunity to observe the effects of shadowing. Clothing varies from simple drapery with arms crossed over the chest, to underwear, ordinary street cloths, and full-blown costumes.

Author Biography

Douglas Johnson is a photographer and engineer with a degree in Applied Mathematics. Maureen Johnson is an art director and management analyst.